Summary: Saul had been given specific instructions, from the Lord, in leading the children of Israel by the Prophet Samuel. But Saul willfully disobeyed the command of God and did what he wanted to do.


I want to thank the Lord for all of the hard work that has been done this past week. You may look around and see where the walls are unfinished. A little bit of paint here and a little there. Some have wondered - Why is it not finished? There is a very good reason.

It was necessary to patch a few holes and crack lines before we have it painted. Consequently, the workers have been in here most of the week patching and sanding all over the sanctuary. If you were here Wednesday evening, you would have seen all of the patchwork. But this morning, those patches have been painted over with a coat of primer to make ready for the final coat of paint later this week.

(Be sure to thank John and Connie Miller for all of their hard work.)

When I walked in here on Wednesday afternoon, I was amazed at how many places had to be patched. Frankly, I had no idea that the walls were in as bad of shape as they were. I knew we had a few places needing repair, but I hadn’t realized what bad shape this was in.

On Wednesday, it was easy to see each of the places where John and Connie had plastered and sanded. While praying that evening, I began to realize this is the House of God that was in bad need of repair.

The average person would not have noticed all that was wrong. But to the trained eye of someone like John and Connie, it was obvious we had a real mess on the inside walls of God’s House.

Suddenly, I began to wonder what the inside of my sanctuary must look like. I asked the Lord, “Are there holes and cracks on the inside of our hearts, also? Is it possible that we have been so busy that we have overlooked our personal sanctuary?”

In the Spirit, I was reminded of the story of the Prophet Samuel and King Saul. Saul had been given specific instructions, from the Lord, in leading the children of Israel by the Prophet Samuel. But Saul willfully disobeyed the command of God and did what he wanted to do.

Text: I Samuel 15:17 thru 23

Listen carefully saints. The cracks and holes on the inside of our heart are the result of the sin in our lives. Sin is very easy for any of us to overlook.

I shared a meal with a man in Akron, OH, this week. He had told me that he had given his heart to Christ many years ago when he was a teenager. He went on to tell me of how for years he had decided to do with his life what he wanted - rather than totally surrendering his life to his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

The Good News is that he recently recommitted his life to Christ.

And since that time, he had sensed the very real presence of the Lord in his life most everyday.

This was all very good, but he told me that he was also struggling with sin everyday and (in his words) “just couldn’t seem to get it right.” He wanted to live a more righteous and holy life, but felt defeated most of the time.

I told him that he was not alone. All Christians who are transparent and honest with them selves have felt this way at one time or another. It’s a true sign of humility to come to the point of need and reliance on the Lord to fight your battle with sin.

I don’t know what you are thinking this morning, but (personally) I cannot make it without God’s help. We all battle with sin and temptation daily. Amen?

Question: What does it mean to tell God, “I’m sorry,” and admit that when we have sinned?

Our text today is a great case of what confession is or isn’t.

Samuel confronted Saul about his sins that he had committed. Samuel reminded Saul of where he had come from in serving God.

17 And Samuel told him, "When you didn’t think much of yourself, God made you king of Israel.


The Prophet Samuel then explained to Saul just how he had betrayed God and God’s people.

It really is hard to say for sure why Saul responded the way he did. Was he trying to justify his actions to Samuel? Or, did he not see the sin he had committed?

Here is what we do know (in reading this).

Read verse 24.

Saul admitted that he had sinned but he said it was because he “…feared the people and obeyed their voice.”

I would suggest that this is a very real problem for Christians living in the 21st Century. Many believers struggle with the fear of what other people say instead of what of what God has already told them.

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