Summary: Choices drive some people crazy. In US we have a lot of choices for foods, cars. You name it we have a choice. Tough situations in life can lead us to a state of dilemma.

Choices drive some people crazy. In US we have a lot of choices for foods, cars. You name it we have a choice. Tough situations in life can lead us to a state of dilemma. Psalms 28 begins with the crying out to Lord the rock, but immediately the psalmist think that God can be deaf. As Christians, we also tend to have an innate faith, but sometimes speak words that seem to indicate that God is deaf. We again see in Vs.3 that “Draw me not away with the wicked and with the workers of iniquity”. If you think about grave it is a hole into which a dead human being is put in. Today we are going to talk about a person who has put live into a hole, but continued to have strong faith in the Lord so that his blessings for him came to pass. He never wavered away from the Lord. What faith does he have? Do we have that faith?

How can you get into a hole?

1. Someone can put you into a hole, willingly or unwillingly: Question: Do you allow that to happen in your spiritual life?

2. You decide to go down a pit: If you are running away from God doubting his ability to save you, remember that today is the day of salvation.

The person who we will be talking about today was put into a hole unwillingly. He had great dreams about his life, but at a very young age, the circumstances looked as if he had no hope. Who is this person? Joseph, the son of Jacob.

We see Joseph the dreamer in Genesis 37:5 at the age of seventeen. What does seventeen year old kids so these days? Do we have good dreams about our kids? Vs.18-36 describes how Joseph was sold into slavery.

We live in a society where people are asked to think positively. This has reached such a level that people are even hesitant to correct their children. Genesis 37:2 tells us that Joseph gave bad reports of his brothers. We need tell reports about people as such it is. Otherwise the sin of cancer grows to such an extent it brings shame to all the congregation. I am NOT suggesting to gossip though.

Genesis 37:23-25 tell us that Josephs brothers through him into a well, a well without water. A well without water is a hole. So we see the dreamer sitting in a hole. Some people might think at least if the well had water, either I would have died or at least drink some water. Today you might be thinking what happened to all the big dreams that you had. You seem to be sitting in the well o f nothingness. Empty wells, no one to share your sorrows and pains.

Don’t be afraid. Hold on strong in the faith of Jesus Christ. He will help you realize your good dreams. We see that Joseph never wavered, never lost his trust in the Lord. So if your mind feels that you are in a hole compared to others, remember that Gods plans are better than your plans. He will never leave you astray assuming that you don’t leave him astray.

In Genesis 39:1-2, we see a successful Joseph in the house of Potiphar. Again, he was put into the pit of jail. Sometimes just when we think that our trials are over that we will put through another one. But remember that with each trial God was preparing a way for Joseph to reach the ultimate blessing that God has prepared for him.

In Genesis 41:46, we find that Joseph was 30 years when he became second in command to the king of Egypt. It took him more than 13 years to reach is destiny. But he never wavered.

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