Summary: Sin produces sin and more sins; and sins will bring bad consequences!

Let us continue our worship of our Creator God by learning more from the Book of Judges. Open your Bibles to Judges 14 first and remind ourselves of Samson’s bad decisions. What 3 things wrong did Samson do in Judges 14:1-3??

Samson lusted after a woman; Samson decided to marry a Philistine (a pagan enemy of God); and Samson disobeyed his parents. We can note many more sins committed by Samson and ultimately lost his wife as stated in the end of Judges 14.

This morning, we will learn more about the foolishness of Samson and other people in contrast with God’s power, holiness, wisdom, and justice! Read along with me now Judges 15……….

Samson’s first wife was given to someone else. What can we say about Samson in v1 of Judges 15? – Samson was going to force himself to a woman who now belonged to someone else! Thus, her father stopped Samson! Samson had a problem with lust! We already noted this in Judges 14.

Now, knowing what Samson was capable of doing, why do you think the father was so willing to give away another daughter in v2??

The father was trying to protect his daughter and new husband.

Likely, out of fear, the father was foolishly willing to give away another daughter!

Now, why did Samson do what he did in v3-5??

Samson tried to hurt the Philistines out of anger and for revenge!

In v6: what was the result of the pain caused by Samson’s anger? Pain caused by anger resulted in more pain!

v7-8: What resulted in Samson’s deeper anger and revenge?? – Samson killed more people and then hid in a cave! The passage doesn’t tell us but we know Samson knew his strength and we can speculate; but why do you think did Samson hide now in a cave?? Why do men today hide in a “cave”? Depression? Frustration? Shame? Got away from it all? God resting him? For whatever the reason, Samson hid!

Deeper anger and revenge caused more deaths and isolation!

And in v9-11: we can note, Revenge brings more revenge and more fears!

Ever wonder why things are getting so bad in the world? Sin produces sin and more sins; and sins will bring bad consequences! The cycle of sinning and producing bad results continues today! Jesus Christ will soon come to stop the cycle but in the meantime, Jesus calls his followers to slow down the impact of sin! Imagine what will happen to the world when all Christians are taken away from this world?

Now in v12-13: The Jews feared the Philistines so they planned to capture Samson and hand him over; why did Samson agree with a plan??

Samson likely knew he could overpower the Philistines!

But looking at this in context and what happened in v14, why did Samson agree to be taken to the Philistines??

God was intervening! (also note back in Judges 14:4 God’s purpose of Samson)

v14-17: God empowered Samson to strike down 1000 Philistines with a donkey’s jaw bone!

We noted very early that Samson believed in God, even knew he was to be set apart for God, and God’s power and presence was evident in him several times BUT till now in v18, we never noted Samson praying to God!

What 3 things can now we note from v18??

Samson was to a point of desperation, so he prayed! (note v19…)

God allowed the situations and was patient with Samson!

Samson’s faith was growing! (note v20)

v19: God answered Samson’s prayer and he was revived!

v20: God entrusted Samson to lead for 20 years!

Interesting story isn’t it form this chapter Judges 15; but what Biblical Principles can we note to apply for our lives today?? I had to really think deep about this chapter!

We alluded to this truth last week…

1. No matter how messy things seem to be in our world, God is in control!!

Acknowledge God every day!! Do we acknowledge our Triune God everyday?

We noted a father who likely made a foolish decision because of fear; the Israelites also feared the Philistines! How should we handle fears??

2. Pray and cling to God’s Word when fears come our way! – homework…. Handling fear verses?

We keep noting from Samson’s story, sins, anger, revenge….

3. Watch out for sins, anger, and revenge for they will just repeat themselves and lead to bad consequences!

Many times Samson thought he could be better than God! Do we ever do that? Think about it sometime Especially today with all sorts of information in our hands; how many times do we “google” compared to a search in a Bible Concordance??

4. We can never outsmart God! Don’t just “google it”, “Bible it”!!!

Proverbs 3:5…..

1 Corinthians 1:25…….

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