Summary: there will always be situations and conflicts to face in life; how to we deal with them?

Let’s continue to learn for God’s Chosen People the Israelites through the Book of Joshua. We are now in Chapter 10….. Read along with me Joshua 10:1-15….

I believe a key lesson for us through the Israelites is this, Victory in life will happen with the power of God!

Let us follow how victory came about in this first part of Joshua 10.

1. There was a situation and a conflict (v1-6). Have you ever had situations or conflicts you have to deal with? Situations and conflicts happen all the time in our lives which we must deal with! Let’s learn how Joshua handled it.

Five kings of the Amorites decided to attack Gibeon because they made a treaty with Israel. Israel had to go to war because of they made a treaty with the Gibeonites!

2. Joshua took steps to get ready for action and God affirmed his steps (v7-8).

We can easily miss the point here. I think it is important to note what Joshua did. People do not become automatic robots when they become Christians; God gave us brains for a reason! Although Christians have God’s Word and the Holy Spirit, God still calls us to actually think and make decisions; perfect love does not restrain but guides and disciplines.

Some Christians don’t do a thing because they say they are still waiting to hear from God and know God’s will for them. But you see, part of God’s will is for us to evaluate our circumstances, why we got there, and resolve it if we can.

Here’s an example, some Christians get sick but they don’t see a doctor because they think it’s God’s will for them to be sick. Maybe you are sick because you do not have the right nutrients in your body; God’s will is for us to be evaluated physically on a regular basis to see if we are really taking care of the body God has given us! It can be as simple as not knowing your body is lacking Vitamin B or Iron!

Now, before we note what the Israelites did in v9-11, Joshua actually did something else, what was it??

3. Joshua prayed in public for a miracle.

What was it?

Did it happen?

According to v14, why did it happen??

Joshua prayed for God’s will and for God’s victory!

And so, going back to what happened…

4. The victorious event happened with God’s intervention (v9-11).

And so the biblical Principles for us are simple:

a. There is no real victory in life without God’s intervention.

And, b. God’s intervention will happen through prayer!

God will answer prayers according to His will and for His glory; therefore, why not pray that way and get 100% results!

Let us take a moment to quietly ponder about these things:

Am I dealing with any bad situations or conflicts?

What steps can I take right away?

I will ask God for help according to His will and for His glory!

I will listen to God’s instructions and take action!

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