Summary: The six worst words in the English language are, "I don’t want to get involved."

Six worst words in the English language

(I don’t want to get involved)


I know you are sick of hearing about this, but the news this past week will help me make the one major point I want to make.

I want to use the death of Michael Jackson to make this point. The latest we know about the death of Michael Jackson, although we certainly haven’t heard the last of this nor do we know if everything that is being reported is actually true.

• The singer was on a deadly diet of powerful narcotic pain relievers.

• The star was injected three-times a day with narcotic Demerol.

• He was also taking three 3mg tablets of another strong narcotic painkiller, Dilaudid

• Was recently prescribed Vicodin, an opiate drug derived from codeine,

• Soma, a muscle relaxant in 2mg doses twice a day,

• Xanax, a sedative taken in 0.5mg doses twice a day,

• Zoloft, an anti-depressant was taken in 100mg doses.

• Paxil was also taken by the star to treat anxiety and obsessive behavior.

• Prilosec, an over-the-counter pill for heartburn,

• Was recently prescribed antibiotics to fight of infection following his skin cancer surgery.

• Jackson had started eating one meal a day as he had a phobia about gaining weight before his 50-date comeback concerts in London from July 13.

• THE nanny Grace Rwaramba, who became “mother” to Michael Jackson’s three children, said she regularly had to pump his stomach to remove dangerous cocktails of drugs. “There was one period that it was so bad that I didn’t let the children see him . . . He always ate too little and ---mixed too much.” (From Sun Online)

Another report said the authorities carried out a 75 lb bag of drugs from Jackson’s home. Truth will finally come out with the toxicology report.

1. Here is my question today: Who tried to stop him?

• Nanny claims she did and was fired because of it.

• Attorney claims he did, spoke out quickly after Jackson’s death, but where was he when Jackson was alive?

• Many others enabled, bought the drugs for him, kept his supply coming…

• Where were they?

2. Now that he’s dead, here’s what’s happening.

• YouTube has had over 15 million viewings of his videos

• 260,000,000 hits on Michael Jackson websites.

• Facebook has racked up over 2, 600,000 fans

• Twitter has had so many tweets it almost crashed, multiple millions

• 16 of the top 20 downloads on Amazon are MJ

• The entire Internet came to a crawl, within hours of MJ’s death.

• Doctors, specialists are on all the talk shows talking about how tragic and unnecessary MJ death was.

o AGREE! But where were they before he died?

o Not like this abuse was unknown!!!!!!!!!

3. Perhaps the absolute worst 6 words in the English language are: I don’t want to get involved.

(I understand the concept of personal accountability. It’s not someone else’s fault that you are on drugs, alcohol, prescription meds, having sex outside of marriage. The person involved is ultimately responsible!)

4. From the magazine Us.

“While in the field, reporters often run across celebrities doing everything from smoking pot to snorting lines of cocaine in private parties and clubs. Of course, drug and alcohol use among celebrities is nothing new, but in a frightening turn, it appears to have become more publicly accepted.”

One source recalls a recent star-studded New Year’s Eve bash in Miami: "There were lines of coke on the table, weed everywhere. It was insane. It was a very free atmosphere."

"Coke is so not a big deal for young stars in Hollywood. It’s like having a drink."

5. Other Stars

• Lindsey Lohan admitted to drug use in Vanity Fair;

• Fergie has been addicted to crystal meth.

• Justin Timberlake admitted he was stoned when he recorded his multiplatinum CD Justified.

• John Mayer, blues & pop rock artist, gave Rolling Stone an interview while puffing on a marijuana vaporizer.

• Daniel Smith (Anna Nicole Smith’s son) died from a lethal combination of methadone and two antidepressants, taken while he was visiting his mother in the hospital.

• Anna Nicole Smith died from a fatal combination of the sedative chloral hydrate and several other prescription drugs.

•A friend of mine worked in L.A. a few years ago as an extra in Hollywood. She was on a set and went to the ladies room. While in a stall, she witnessed a well-known actress come into the bathroom, take a white powder from her purse, sniff it up her nose and return to the set. What the powder was, she didn’t know. However, this actress died on the same day as Michael Jackson after suffering a long and public battle with cancer. This actresses name was Farrah Fawcett!

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