Summary: In your vast experience, if you are still stagnated, it is time to evaluate.

Matthew 13:11

- Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven is for the chosen.


Experience through Works.

•What is your experience:

◦In Life?

◦At Work?

◦In Ministry?

•How far has your experience brought you?

•In your vast experience, if you are still stagnated, it is time to evaluate.

◦Maybe this is not what God wants you to be doing?

◦Maybe you are not doing enough?

◦Maybe you need to find a different job?

◦Maybe this is not the place?

◦Maybe we do not have that 'area' of ministry within us?


•It is Unique

•It is Personal

•It is very hard to argue with ones experience.

◦The Paradigm Shift.

◾The Picture.- Steven Covey's Book with the Picture of the woman (Old or Young)

•It is first of all your perception.

•What is the Map you are holding. ◦It is of no value unless it is the map for the right place.

◦You let the wrong map influence you, and before you know, everything else is different to you.

◦So, it is your past rather than your present behaviour or attitude that effects your decision.

◦Where you stand depends on where you sit.

◦We see the world as we are. ◾We don't like what we see in others, because we see it first in us.

◾A persons interpretation of his sitiation is from their prior experience.

WISDOM CALLS - Proverbs 9:1-11

FOLLY CALLS - Proverbs 9:12-18


Accountability - Colossians 3:17 - Right Attitude

•Did Abraham need Lot?

◦I have realised that Abraham doesn't really need Lot

•Why did Lot cling to Abraham?

◦I have also realised that Lot clings to Abraham to gain blessings.

◦Ruth clinged to give; Lot clinged to get.

•The Greener Choice ◦I have realised that in ministry, Lot usually wants the greener side. ◾You know why? He is lazy to water and create a greener side.

◾Destruction and shame of him and his family dwells there.

◾Money is Green.

◾Green is growth.

•How far are you willing to go for your survival?

◦I have realised that in ministry, Lot usually wants to run to the city nearby, and not to the mountain top.

◾He likes to linger.

◾His wife hates to leave behind anything.

◾She is salt, but a useless pillar of salt.

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