Summary: Stepping Into A Life of Praise

> HP’s Memory Spot is a self-contained storage device with a radio and processor that sticks to photos, documents or cards. It can hold 100 pages of text or a 15 second video. Cost between 10 to 50 cents each


> It’s one of life’s little pleasures--a reward for all of the time and energy you’ve put into finding a parking spot in the first place. You go to put your only silver coin in the meter and--yippee--it’s still got 25 minutes left.

It knows when a car pulls out of the spot and quickly reset to zero.

There are now parking meters with computer chips and antennas that allow you to call them with your cell phone and buy more time.

> Swim goggles can keep track of time and laps and display this information on the inside of the lenses.

> Sewing machines can now download images and embroider them on your clothes.

> Shipping crates are calling their owners for help if they get lost or if the temperature changes or if the cargo is being tampered with. Owners have already recovered over $7 million of goods illegally diverted last year

> Gas pumps are running Microsoft Windows, allowing you to order coffee, download music, and check traffic while you fill your tank.

> Salton, has introduced the Beyond Microwave. When you need to heat packaged food, swipe the bar code past the microwave’s reader. Stored inside are 4,000 settings for different products. A wireless Internet connection allows the microwave to download new ones all the time. Salton’s microwave reads the bar code, sets the right time and power level, and all you do is push start.

+ PS 145

> The psalmist calls upon us to be “Smart Stuff” in offering praise to God for all of His many blessings to us.

- Note the bookends that bracket this Ps at the beginning and end – “ for ever and ever”

- My unending praise

- Ps 107 a recurring refrain: "Oh that men would praise the LORD for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men!" (Ps. 107:8, 15, 21, 31).

Most of us are guilty of neglecting this area of Christian service—the expression of gratitude and praise.

- Not gaining the benefits

- The world needs to see a demonstration of a life that produces joy.

- We will never truly rejoice in the Lord if we neglect to think of God’s many blessings and to praise Him for His goodness.

- The world goes on in spiritual darkness because we have neglected to praise our God for His goodness and for His wonderful works.

- Ps 145 make it easy to insert a “Smart Chip” into our focus on Christ

- “Thy” & “the Lord” is abundant throughout Ps 145

- Plus there is “his” & “him”

+ ❶- v1 - The Smart Stuff of Praise

> A tiny change of focus

> Off self & this world

> Knowing who God Is - KING - Absolute authority

- Extol - to lift, exalt

- This was for ever and ever

+ ❷ v2 - Add A Healthy Dose of Praise Daily

> Smart to have a daily regiment

- We take daily vitamins or medications

- We do regular exercise

- Get rid of trash & garbage regularly

- Take a shower or bath each day

> Why not give daily praise?

- Our family thrives when we give praise

- We praise our professionals in the skills they do.

- Excited over football WV / Maryland

- Thursday night WV won 45-24

> Why not praise our Savior daily?

> Psalm 119:164 – Seven times a day do I praise thee

because of thy righteous judgments.- By our silence we leave the impression that Christianity is not truly worthwhile and that Christ does not really make a difference.

+ ❸ v.8-9 Knowing the Benefits of Daily Praise.

> It will help us to have joy in our hearts even when the

world is distressing.

> Overcome waste

- It will help us to overcome the competitive and

materialistic spirit of our age.

> It will remind us of the faithfulness and goodness of


- It will create within us an attitude of gratitude.

> v.19 Gives hope

-. It will contribute to a spirit of optimism regarding the


+ ❹ v.3-6 Daily Praise Effects Others.

> What’s inside will come outside

- Give the testimony of your heart concerning what

Christ means to you as you have opportunity

- Your praise will encourage believers to have a greater


> Others are encourage by your joy

> v.18-20 It will encourage the unbeliever to have faith in Christ.

+ P.R.A.I.S.E.

> P - Pleases the Lord

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