Summary: This is a sermon for Family Night of Vacation Bible School. The theme of Vacation Bible School is "Amazon Outfitters". This is an evangelistic message.

Wednesday Evening June 19, 2002 Bel Aire Baptist Church

Series: Vacation Bible School Parent’s Night 2002


Genesis 3:1-13


1. Who in here likes snakes? Not me. I am afraid of all snakes. We have been studying “Amazon Outfitters” this week and in the Amazon there are many dangerous snakes.

2. This evening I want us to go back thousands of years and look at a snake that brought a serious problem to our world.

Genesis 3:1-13


1. This disobedience to God’s commands is called sin. We still have this problem today.

2. The Bible says we have all sinned and the punishment for sin is death.

3. The really bad part is when we die we will be separated from God forever because we have sinned. This is a real problem isn’t it? So what can we do?


1. Well, we can’t do anything but God loves us so much that He did something for us. God sent His Son Jesus to this earth. While He lived on earth He taught the people about God and that God had sent Him to be the solution for the sin problem.

2. Now the religious leaders did not like Jesus and they eventually were able to have Him killed. Now Jesus had never did anything wrong, but He was being killed anyway. The way they killed Jesus was by hanging Him on an old wooden cross.

3. After Jesus died, He was buried in a tomb. A tomb was like a cave, and the guards rolled a huge stone in front so no one could steal Jesus’ body. Three days later, some friends of Jesus went to put perfume on Jesus’ body, but the big stone was gone and so was Jesus. Later that day they saw Jesus. He had come back to life just like He said He would.


1. See Jesus lived on this earth and was perfect. He never sinned.

2. The Bible tells us that a perfect sacrifice had to be made to take our place and that’s what Jesus did for us on the cross.

3. See, we cannot save ourselves, but because of what Jesus did we can be saved. So what do you have to do to be saved from eternal separation from God?


{Watch the portion of Video Tape that has the ABC’s of salvation.}

1. Admit

2. Believe

3. Commit

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