Summary: I remember as a young youth pastor, we went to a live concert where a man named Keith Green was giving a free proformance.

I remember as a young youth pastor, we went to a live concert where a man

named Keith Green was giving a free proformance. As he walked on the

stage, all that was on the stage was his pianio. His first song he sung

was called "so you wanna go back to Egypt". That title stuck in my mind,

as never before. Many years have past,Keith Green was killed in a plane

crash as he was going to give another free concert. I dedicated this

sermon to him, as he would have enjoyed it, I'm sure.

So you wanna go back to Egypt

Exodus 32:1-7

There are four things that I would like to point out, that I think

effected the Hebrews while Moses was off up on the mountain, having God

give him the law.

1- they were unfaithful, I think they lost their faith in Moses, notice

how they use the term "this man". They had lost respect for him. An

example wold be as I've heard people refer to their parents as "my old

man, or my old lady", that my friend is not respecting your parents. So in

turn the Hebrews were now calling Moses this man.

The Hebrews, somehow were forgetting who had brought them out of Egypt.

They were forgetting all the plagues that Moses had issued upon the

Egyptians, how God had used Moses for his purpose. They were unfaithful to

Moses, and he was not even gone fourty days.

2- They were uncertain, the Hebrews were unclear, unsure of where Moses

was. They didn't want to wait any longer. They had seen enough to start

making up their own mind on how to do things. Another example would be,

how many times has someone prayed and seeked Gods movement.If God didn't

answer as quick as they wanted,or thought was enough time. Those people

just started acting upon themself, and started on without God. I think the

Hebrew's were uncertain as to what to do, so they just started doing

things their way.

So here the Hebrew men, and women were uncertain as to what to do, so

they gather around, and start coming up with their own idea's.

If anything, when we are uncertain, we need to get on our knees and go

before God, and let him help us understand his will and purpose, not ours.

3- They were unaware, the hebrew's were unaware of what they were

doing.I think they were unaware of just how they were becoming as their

past owners, the Egyptians!. The very ones that had them in bondage for

thousands of years.

I also think they were unaware or caught off guard, by their lack of

faith, and how God had brought them out of Egypt.

Notice also , that they took from themselves to bring forth their own

god. The Hebrews didn't go out and gather up material to make this golden

image. They took all that was needed to make it, from themselves. They

were unaware of what they were doing.

They were also unaware of Gods greatness. I really think they thought God

did not even know what was going to happen.

4- They were unhappy. The Hebrews were depressed, sad, and didn't care

much to be left along in the wilderness. They were thinking they should be

in a better place than this.

I've noticed when people get unhappy, they want to find as many people

that are unhappy too. They all want to sit around and have a pity party.

Sooner than later everyone thats in that group is pulled even further


The Hebrews were unhappy. they was not happy with things that was

happening to them.So in turn they turn their back on Moses and God, and

start making themselves a new god.

Mind you, when people get unhappy , those people start making wrong

decisions. They make a golden god, and on the morrow, the Hebrews will

have a party and get all merry. It reminds me of my kids wanting to go to

Dairy Queen and get a ice cream. Eat, drink and be merry.

Have you noticed how a drunk goes out and parties? They go get drunk!

Have you noticed how a drug addict parties?, they go get high on some

cocaine , smoke their pot. All their doing is digging the hole to Hell a

little deeper.

In closing here,

Todays world is full of unfaithful, uncertain, unaware, and unhappy

people. Why?, because God is missing from their lives. They become numb

and unaware of Satan tight grip on their lives.

I assure you, without God you will fail in your attempt to live a life

that will make you happy, and at peace with yourself. Maybe not today,

tomorrow, or even next year, but in the end God will not have no other

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