Job 39:27-29

‘Does the eagle soar at your command and make its nest on high? It lives on a cliff where it spends the night; its stronghold is on a rocky crag. From there it searches for prey, its eyes penetrate the distance.’

Let us speak about an eagle for a moment. It is known as a bird of prey, top of the food chain (up to 60 different species). Majority of them live up to 35 years. Their top speed when soaring is anything from 120-160km, and their wingspan, anything from 1.8 to 2.3 meters. They have amazing eyesight, they see five basic colours (humans only see three), they have two sets of eyes; one set is the normal, natural eye and the second set is the eye protective covering which they use flying through heavy storm clouds, they can also detect uv light. Eagles have no fear of any man, beast or snake. When they find a mate; it is for life and they are faithful, both build the nest on the cliff face and the female lays 1-3 eggs.

The eagle is able to soar without flapping their wings; they fly alone, even eat in the air. They soar with their wings spread out, on the air currents, fly to heights that no other bird can do.

So now how does this majestic eagle pertain to us?

We human beings also have two sets of eyes, natural eyes to see the world that we live in and the eyes (spiritual) OF THE Holy Spirit which lives in us. He will allow you to see things as He sees them; the closer you are to the Holy Spirit, the more like Him you see.

In the same way like an eagle, we should have no fear of any demonic spirit, or evil human beings beings as we have God and Spiritual weapons (Eph 6) at our disposal.

In order for the eagle to soar, he has to take that big flying leap off the edge of the cliff, if he does not take flight, he will die of starvation. In the same way if we do not take flight on the Holy Spirit and the Divine Call that God placed on our lives, we will perish.

Let us look at it like this:

We are the eagle

The wings of the eagle represent our faith and believe in God

The wind or air currents represent the Holy Spirit

The storm clouds represent life.

We are born-again; spirit-filled Christians have to learn how to fly on the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Just as a baby eagle is kicked out of the nest in order to learn how to fly. If we do not have enough faith and belief in God to take flight on the Holy Spirit, to be led and empowered by Him; then nothing will ever happen.

Are you an eagle being raised up by God or are you still deciding who to serve and follow?

Is your own self and what you want to do with your life keeping you from taking that leap and soaring on your faith in Jesus, do you surrender all?

Is the Holy Spirit operating through you or are you running on your own power?

That song we all sing, ‘I will rise on eagle’s wings’ do you even mean it?

In Luke 10: will you be a Martha or a Mary?

Let us end of with a promise from God Himself:

Isaiah 40:31

‘But those who trust in the Lord will renew their strength, they will soar on wings like eagles, they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not faint.’

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