3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: A closer look at the discipline of solitude, how it relates to us and the example of solitude in Jesus’ life.


Quote: Mark 1:35

Our individualistic society

Wealthy CEO, happy family, successful entrepreneur, popular student

List goes on and on

What’s the issue?

They are empty inside

There’s something missing

Are you experiencing that in your life?

Discipline of Solitude

Jesus: our Teacher

Mt. 4; 14:13, 23; 17:1-9; 26:36-46; Mk. 1:35; Lk. 5:16; 6:12

Mk. 1:35

“Early morning”- Sunday morning

He had a busy Saturday: 1:14-1:34

Your busy day

We forget to spend time with God

“Still dark”- 4 or 5 am ???

Jesus’ priorities

The importance of getting away from it all

“Went out”- the house or Capernaum?

Probably both

Out of your house & Petersburg

“Praying there”- for what?

Morning devos, to avoid temptation

Eve of 1st Galilean Tour

He was spending time in solitude

Not only talking, but being filled

Jesus was human and could become empty too if not careful

Jesus spent time in solitude before the crisis or event happened

Too often we wait till we are in the midst of it to call on God

Jesus- Temptation, Galilean tour & before crucifixion

We too can prepare by spending time with God ahead of time

So what is solitude? What am I asking you to do?

It is allowing yourself to be filled with God

Ruled, conquered and driven by Him

What drives you?

Pride, money, popularity, spouse, friends, academics, self

We allow ourselves to be driven by things that can never fill us

Solitude empties your mind of that garbage, and replaces it with God

Ultimate goal in solitude: an unbreakable connection with God

When surrounded by others, you are still in tune with God!

No hidden mantras, no hidden positions or rules

Just allowing God to rule your life and take control

Close with story about Boris Becker

Are you empty today?

Are things in your life not as filling as you thought they would be?

Only God can fulfill you and keep you from feeling empty

Won’t you allow Him to do that today?

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