Summary: A mesage to the church

Some things that the Temple had that every

Baptist Church Needs

2 Chr 7:1-16

Prayer (7:1) A. People that pray through

B. People that Pray Regular

C. People that pray for others

(1) Lost People

(2) Backsliders

(3) Fellow Believers

Sacrifice (7:1) A. We Need to Sacrifice ourselves

(1) Our Time

(2) Our Money

(3) Our Mind

B. Extreme Sacrifice’s

(1) 22,000 Oxen

(2) 120, 000 Sheep

Fire (7:1) A. We need a People that is Fired up about the Lord

Worship (7:3) A. We Need to Experience true Worship

B. Praised God (7:3)

C. Played Music (7:6)

People (7:4) A. Wondering Stranger 2 Chr 6:32, 33

B. Wayward Saint 2 Chr 6:36-39

C. Worshipping Saint 2 Chr 6:40-42

(1) Unity (7:4)

(2) Dedicated (7:8-10), Stayed until he told them to go

(3) Happy (7:10)

(4) Guided (7:12)

Sanctification (7:16) A. the state of growing in divine grace as a result of Christian commitment after baptism or conversion

Most of All they Had God (7:16)

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