Summary: Sin, its reality, and my dog Fido


For those of you who are over the age of 15 you have probably seen a lot of changes.

Attitudes have changed, language has changed

The meaning of language has changed

One that particularly has hit me is the meaning of the word sin.

Now AI am not old but it has changed so much

Once upon a time it meant something

Now it’s just an extra piece of chocolate cake.

Sin has lost it’s punch

Knowledge of the seriousness of sin

Now that’s fine but one of the things we need to realize is that it is the knowledge of sin that is the door way for the gospel

What is the point of Jesus dying if all he died for was an extra piece of chocolate cake?

If that is how the world sees things then we don’t need a crucified savior

We just need Jenny Craig and weight watchers

Sin had been downgraded in our society

And yet in Proverbs there is a strong image of it so strong it should probably come with an R rating.


Although the world we live in doesn’t take these things that seriously

God still does.

The vile image of a dog returning to it’s own vomit is a view of sin from how God sees it.

And it’s exactly how we need to see it too.

The need for Jesus only comes when we realize how bad the stuff is we need saving from.

Sin is what we do too.

When were talking about sin it is easy to take a them and us attitude to it.

Only people who don’t know Christ sin right?

No, we do it too, our sins may not be as scarlet but there still pretty revolting.

The image of the dog well that applies to us too.

So not only does the image reveal something of how God see’ our sin, but it also reveals something of the nature of sin

So in what ways is sin like the dog eating it’s vomit

Why do we sin?

Reason 1 The reasons dogs don’t have a problem with eating their own vomit is because they have a low thresh hold to vomiting.

What that means is it doesn’t take much to make a dog Sick, slightly too much flavor, a little too much spice in Fido’s food and he is likely to be sick.

Now people are different, believe it or not human beings are not totally like dogs

In comparison we have cast iron stomachs, it takes a lot to make us sick. We generally have to be really ill to actually be physically sick

But for Fido it doesn’t take s lot to get his stomach juices churning.

So when it comes to eating it, they don’t have a problem, they do not recognize it as being sick

So there is absolutely no problem in wolfing it down again

It’s that failure to recognize it that makes it so easy for the dog to carry on.

And so often with us it is our failure to recognize our sin that means we can just carry on with it again

We don’t see it as God sees it, we don’t recognize it for what it is

We fail to see far too often the sin in some of our action and because we fail to see it we don’t have a problem in wolfing it down again.

We eat it because like the dog we don’t have a problem with it


We eat it because we are used to it,

Changing you diet is hard

I remember the first time I ever ate pumpkin

In the UK pumpkin = cow food

It isn’t meant for human consumption.

My wife Is Maori her father still like the old Maori food

Fresh kina, rotten corn, pork bones and puha

He Things it’s great,

But cannot understand how I would eat

Black pudding, or how my mother could eat tripe

The difference is it’s case of what we are used to

What we have been brought up on

It is hard for us to change habits

To change what we eat

For the dog it is hard to change a habit he has learnt from being a puppy

For us it is hard to change our sinful nature

Sin has become and unnatural part of who we are

In the beginning creation was perfect

But since the stuff up all have been induce in sin

For some it is so deep that they can’t even see it.

Like the dog and his carrot stew diet

We have gotten used to sin.

Reason 3

We do it because we think we need it

Dogs tend to reingest there vomit because they think they need it

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