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Summary: This message can be helpful when tragedy strikes within the church family.

Sometimes Life Isn’t Fair

Book of Job

A) As a church family, we have experienced that in a very real way over the past few weeks.

That truth has been vividly illustrated to us – as we have hurt – suffered and shed many tears together as a family.

Most of us could cite examples of unfair treatment in our own lives.

A mate who leaves without explanation.

Children that are abused by their parents.

Circumstances where we or someone else has been

left physically impaired.

People who have made untrue accusations about us

personally or someone in our family.

And the list could go on and on and on.

But, nothing hurts like the loss of a loved one.

Whether it be sudden and tragic – or expected after a lengthy illness, yet unexpected – as we are not ready to give them up.

And many times – as Christians – we’re not sure how we should react when life treats us unfairly.

I believe, the greatest test in the life of a Christian is his/her attitude when something takes place, that demonstrates so vividly that life is not always fair!

B) For most of us here today, life has been pretty smooth.

We’re healthy, we’re happy, we’re prospering, no major complaints.

But, when we’re reminded of those who are less fortunate:

when we are faced with the pain and suffering of a friend or loved one

when we come in contact with those who life is treating unfairly

those who are struggling physically – emotionally – financially –

then we are quickly reminded – that security in this life can be quickly jerked from under anyone of us at any given moment.

Again, I really believe our greatest test and our greatest opportunity to witness that Christ is real in our life is our attitude when something takes place that we can’t really understand or explain.

People in the world around us are not nearly as impressed with our testimony or our relationship with Jesus Christ when things are going great, as they are when things are going all wrong.

Biblical examples of bad things happening to good people and what our reaction should be:

Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers

Daniel was thrown into a lion’s den by King Darius

Hosea and his unfaithful wife

the Apostle Paul and a multitude of persecution and suffering the Lord Himself .

The classic example most people are familiar with –

whether they be knowledgeable of God’s Word or not – is that of Job.

The problem is, sometimes we feel we’re so familiar with the surface story of Job, we miss its deeper meaning.

Starting with the 1st chapter, follow along with me as we take time to get a brief overall sketch of the story of Job.

I. Job’s Character

A) As you read the story of Job, you have to be impressed with his character.

Job was a very, very blessed man. Job 1:2-3

Job was not only rich in material things, he was also rich in family. Job 1:2

In spite of all of his riches, Job was a righteous man. Job 1:5

B) Job really was a man who had it all.

He was respected by his peers.

He was a judge in his city.

He was one of the greatest men of his time.

Job was at the place in his life that most people only dream of!

And, to top it all off, Job was also known for his commitment to God!

Then suddenly – Job’s life fell apart!

II. Job’s Experience

A) We will soon see that Satan was responsible for bringing a series of calamities into Job’s life.

Chapter 1:9-11

Satan knows it’s easy to be good when things are going our way, but what is interesting is how we do when life gets tough!

Then we see the true strength of our faith and commitment!

It seems as though some of the devil’s favorite weapons are those that happen suddenly;

sudden reversal sudden rejection

sudden fame sudden adversity

sudden prosperity.

B) Chapter 1:12-19

God mysteriously gives Satan permission to test Job and we see that Satan did so with a crushing thoroughness.

Satan removes everything that Job had within a matter of minutes – Job 1:13-19

Job’s response Job 1:20-22

In all that had taken place, in all of the losses that Job had suffered, Job refused to blame God!

C) Satan then came back to God on another day, as we see in the 2nd chapter.

God is very pleased with his servant Job! Job 2:3

Satan’s reply – Job 2:4-5

I think this points out Satan isn’t very smart when it comes to love.

Satan had already played his best hand – when he killed Job’s children.

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