Summary: Today we need to be willing to get out of the normal operating procedures and just step out on faith.

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Intro: Many people have criticized, ridiculed, and

made fun of Peter for not being able

Keep his eyes off the waves and storm and

failing in his attempt to walk out to

Jesus. However, Peter is the only one that

was willing to get out of the boat on That

stormy night, and in turn it was Peter that

stood and spoke with power and Authority on

the day of Pentecost.

I. We must wait for the Lord to say “Come”

1. We must learn to discern between faith and


a. When my oldest son was young, he tended to

do some pretty foolish things. He once

jumped out of a second story window with a

garbage bag. When that failed instead of

listing to my voice of wisdom, he just

doubled the bag and tried again.

2. To many people today are floating around

like dust, changing directions with Every

change of the wind

II. We must get out the comfort zone

1. The boat was Peter’s security blanket

a. People today have a lot of comfort zones.

Their Job? A Relationship? Etc.

Example – There was a man that did a tight rope act

everyday at 3:00 everyday. One day A boy

asked him if he could really make the

journey across the rope. The tight rope

walker turned to his father and asked

him if he believed if he could do It. The

father said “yes, I have seen you do it

several times over the Past few years. The

tight rope walker then asked the father if

he Believed that he could do it pushing a

wheelbarrow. The father quickly Replied “I

have complete faith that you can do it, I

have Witnessed you doing it before”. To

that the tight rope walker told the Father

"then get in the wheelbarrow."

We need to learn to not just say we are

willing to step out on faith, but We must

put ourselves into God’s wheelbarrow of

life and just go.

2. Sometimes we have to quit worrying about what

people think and just jump ship

III. We have to understand that storms will rise

1. Just because we are Christians doesn’t mean

that life’s struggles will not touch us.

IV. Jesus will be there to help us

1. If we fail when we step out of the boat

Jesus will help us

Conclusion: What we need today are people who are willing to jump ship. To many today God would have to make them walk the plank at gunpoint to leave the boat. We have to be willing to go out on faith just like Peter. When we are willing to step out then God will step in and then great things will happen.

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