Summary: Jesus took the challenges and turned them into opportunities to encourage people to believe in God!

Please open your Bibles to Mark 12……

Take a quick look again at v12……

Eventually, Jesus was crucified on a cross, but sadly, many missed the point of Jesus being a sacrifice for man’s sin as planned by God. I pray that all of you never miss the point of why Jesus died. This is one of the reasons why we celebrate Communion, is to always know, remember and believe the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Read along with me now Mark 12:34-37….

The religious leaders tried to trip Jesus with all sorts of theological questions, but they missed the point that Jesus Christ is God!

v34, 37: Religious leaders gave up on questioning but Jesus used the challenge to encourage others to believe in Him and the power and love of God; and many were starting to believe in Jesus as Messiah, Savior God! we should do the same!

And so, it was Jesus turn to ask a question to challenge and encourage not only the religious leaders but all the people, including us today.

v35…. What is the right answer to Jesus’ question??

God speaks in the Old Testament about the Messiah being in the lineage of King David!

What city was Jesus born at?? Why did Mary and Joseph go to Bethlehem while Mary was pregnant with Jesus??

The secular world ruler the Roman Empire required every citizen to go to the city of their family lineage for tax purposes!! Was it a only a coincidence that God’s prophecy of the Messiah to be born in Bethlehem? God is in control! Nothing is impossible with God!

Jesus asked a question about a truth!

But using the same Scriptures from God in the Old Testament, Jesus challenged the people with a potential contradictory truth in v36-37!

Why would Jesus share 2 truths that seem contradictory??

Nothing is impossible with God! Although Jesus’ statements may seem contradictory, both facts were true!

Jesus spoke 2 truths from Scriptures:

1. The Messiah is a son of King David!

2. King David calls the Messiah Lord!

Jesus challenged the people that He is the reality of both truths!! Nothing is impossible with God!

Now, look again at the end of v37…. Why were the people delighted??

Yes, there may have been several reasons why the people were delighted:

• They were encouraged by Jesus’ confidence about God’s Word!

• The Religious Leaders were kept quiet!

I think this would be like if Jesus came to America today and kept all the politicians quiet. Only God can do it! This is why America needs God in everything! Sadly, America has been taking God out of everything!

• They understood that Jesus is God!

What about us today?

a. Are we delighted with who Jesus Christ is? Is Jesus truly our only God and Savior?

b. When people challenge our Christian faith, like Jesus, we are to pray and look for a way to encourage them to believe in the word of God and in Jesus Christ!

c. Everything is possible with Jesus Christ! Share something incredible about Jesus to someone!

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