Summary: A survey of soul-winning in the Psalms


I. Heart Preparation for Winning Souls (Psalm 51)

A. Purity of Heart (v.7-10)

1. Purging with hyssop

2. Washing whiter than snow

3. Making me to hear joy

4. Hiding Thy face from my sins

5. Blotting out all mine iniquities

B. Presence of the Holy Spirit (v.11)

1. Creating in me a clean heart

2. Renewing a right spirit

C. Power of the Holy Spirit (v.12)

1. Restoring the joy

2. Upholding me with Thy free Spirit

D. Positive Results of the Holy Spirit (v.13)

1. Teaching transgressors Thy ways

2. Sinners shall be converted

II. Seven ’Secrets’ for Souls (Psalm 71)

1. Going in the Strength of the Lord God (v.16a; Matthew 28:18;

Acts 1:8)

2. Mentioning the Righteousness of God (v.16b; Romans 3:25)

3. Making Sure it is His Righteousness Alone (v.16b; Titus 3:5)

4. Teaching the Way of God (v.17a; John 14:6)

5. Testimony of His Wondrous Works (v.17b; Acts 22:15)

6. Testimony of His Great Faithfulness (v.18a)

7. Recognizing the Priority/Reason for Going (v.18b)

III. The Miraculous in Sowing & Reaping (Psalm 126)

A. Miraculous Reviving of God (v.1a, 4)

B. Miraculous Presence of God (v.1b, 2)

C. Miraculous Testimony of Saints (v.3)

D. Miraculous Power of Compassion (v.5,6)

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