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Summary: Examination of the Lord Jesus’ dealing with the woman at the well

Soul-winning the Savior’s Style

(John 4 (quickview) )

1. Jesus Initiates the Conversation (v.7, 8)

a. Common Interest

b. Requires Response

2. Jesus Unhindered by Prejudice (v.9)

a. Nationality

b. Race

c. Sex

3. Jesus Turned Conversation to Spiritual/Salvation (v.10)

a. Gift of God

b. Jesus Only

c. Must Ask

d. He Will Give

4. Jesus Stuck to the Spiritual (v.11-14)

a. Woman Focusing on Physical

b. Jesus Focusing on Spiritual

5. Jesus Makes the Personal Thrust (v.15-18)

a. Woman Requests Physical Drink

b. Jesus Reveals Woman’s Sin

6. Jesus Stayed on the Subject of Salvation (v.19-24)

a. Woman Responds w/Outward Religion

b. Jesus Requires w/Inward Truth

7. Jesus Reveals His Identity/Truth of the Gospel (v.25, 26, 29, 42)

a. Woman Responds w/Messianic Truth

b. Jesus Draws the Net

c. Woman Appeals to Others by Testimony

8. Jesus Provides Follow-up (v.40-43)

a. Many Believed

b. Two Days of Teaching

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