Summary: Examination of the Lord Jesus’ dealing with the woman at the well

Soul-winning the Savior’s Style

(John 4)

1. Jesus Initiates the Conversation (v.7, 8)

a. Common Interest

b. Requires Response

2. Jesus Unhindered by Prejudice (v.9)

a. Nationality

b. Race

c. Sex

3. Jesus Turned Conversation to Spiritual/Salvation (v.10)

a. Gift of God

b. Jesus Only

c. Must Ask

d. He Will Give

4. Jesus Stuck to the Spiritual (v.11-14)

a. Woman Focusing on Physical

b. Jesus Focusing on Spiritual

5. Jesus Makes the Personal Thrust (v.15-18)

a. Woman Requests Physical Drink

b. Jesus Reveals Woman’s Sin

6. Jesus Stayed on the Subject of Salvation (v.19-24)

a. Woman Responds w/Outward Religion

b. Jesus Requires w/Inward Truth

7. Jesus Reveals His Identity/Truth of the Gospel (v.25, 26, 29, 42)

a. Woman Responds w/Messianic Truth

b. Jesus Draws the Net

c. Woman Appeals to Others by Testimony

8. Jesus Provides Follow-up (v.40-43)

a. Many Believed

b. Two Days of Teaching

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