Summary: True love comes from Almighty God.

Text: “Love has been perfected among us…” (v. 17)

How long has love been around? How would you answer that question? We have all experienced love in some form. Our families love us. As babies, we had parents who loved us. As we grew older we “fell in love” with a particular person.

Love has been around as long as God has been present. God wanted to share that love with some being, so He created mankind. When God breathed life into man, that breath contained His love.

Knowing and believing this, we can say that God is our source of love. The love given us by God is the love we share with other people. There are some people who view love as merely a feeling. At times, these people demonstrate love when it is to their advantage. Other times, their love is hidden somewhere down deep in the subconscious because their feelings are negative.

We can choose to love or not to love. We can act upon our choice and our love will be evident to others. If our actions toward other people are positive, our love will be brought to surface. If our outward actions are negative as perceived by people, then our love will not shine forth as the love of God.

There are couples, husband and wife, who start a relationship with a warm peaceful feeling for each other and then the tide seems to turn. The unity of love they once possessed as husband and wife comes apart. What has happened?

They have lost the bond of unity that once held them together. At first that unity could have been merely a physical attraction. People often look to the opposite sex based on appearance, beauty or possessions. A quick relationship develops marriage occurs and lasts until a disagreement arises the newness wears off or someone else enters the picture.

True love for each other does not wear out or wear off. True love is not physical, but true love is spiritual. I say that because God gave each of us the spirit of love. The love of Almighty God forms a bond between two people that will never break no matter what may come in the life of those two people.

The love of God is so strong that people will stick together no matter what circumstances arise. The family that prays together stays together. People who love God will love each other regardless of what might transpire. Listen to this story of love:

Story: “These Hands”

A young man and a young woman were engaged to be married and were looking forward to a near wedding day when the young man was suddenly called to serve his country. From the field of warfare letters regularly came and went and love shone brightly in all of them.

The letters from the young man abruptly ceased. A few weeks passed and then there came a letter in a strange handwriting. In it the young woman read:

“There has been another battle. I have lost both my arms. I asked my comrade to write this for me, and to tell you that I release you from our engagement for now I will not be able to work and support you.”

That letter was never answered. By the next train the young woman journeyed southward. She left the train and went directly to the hospital. Inquiring the location of the young man’s room she quietly approached.

Upon seeing her fiancé, she looked into his sad eyes, kissed him and whispered in his ear the words, “I will never give you up. These hands of mine will work for you. We will live our life of love together.”

---------------S. E. DuBois, in Gospel Herald

True love does not come apart when God is the bonding adhesive. God is our source of life and our source of love. Our love for God is demonstrated by our love for all His children. Hurts, disagreements, and differences are swallowed up by the love of God.

Christians are permitted to disagree with one another, but the disagreement should be done with the love of Jesus. Our unity is with God the Father through the love of His Son and initiated by the Person of the Holy Spirit who lives within our heart. As a true and devoted Christian and follower of the “words in red” we should have peace within our heart, a smile on our face, and an understanding and compassionate respect for all God’s children.

How do you show that God is the source of your love?

We can follow the illustrations that Jesus set before us. He was always ready to step in and help when people called upon Him.

For example, when He attended the wedding at Cana and the wine supply was exhausted, His mother called upon Him. He didn’t refuse, but instead He was obedient. He turned the water into wine which was much better than what was originally being served.

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