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Summary: This brief study of Joel is intended to awaken the church to an understanding of prophetic literature and to prepare our hearts for the day in which we live (adapted from Joel Rosenberg’s Epicenter conference and Mike Bickle’s series on Joel.)

Joel Pt2 Source of Trouble


Joel- takes us beyond events that happened in ancient Israel- points to end time events.

Joel is about-

Day of the Lord and

how Christian’s should respond/live in that day.

Joel- written to prepare the end-time church for both-

an incredible outpouring of God’s glory, and

a world wide crisis beyond anything ever seen.

God is calling us into a relationship w/Him and one another that is essential in the days ahead.

Challenge: read Joel, write down key thought.

(mic- people in congregation to share- thoughts)

Overview of Joel’s Message

Joel 1: natural disaster (v1.4)

agricultural crisis leads to economic crisis

Joel 2:1-11: military crisis (v2.11)

Babylonian invasion of Israel in 586BC

prophetic picture- what to expect-Day of the Lord

Joel 2:12-17: man’s response-times of judgment(v2.12-13)

can alleviate God’s judgment on- nation (Nineveh)

Joel 2:18-31: the promise of God’s blessing (v2.19)

Joel 3: God’s punishment on His enemies (v3.12)

deliverance for Israel/destruction- enemies

foreshadows invasion- Israel by anti-Christ

Prophetic Fulfillment

Prophetic literature - often has- two fulfillments-

near-time fulfillment in the time of the prophet

greater fulfillment at the end of the age

Understanding Joel will help prepare us for-Day of Lord.

The Day of the Lord

The Day of the Lord is mentioned 5 times in Joel-

(search them out) Joel 1.15, 2.1, 2.11, 2.31, 3.14

What is the Day of the Lord?

The Day of the Lord is- His Day- a day when He demonstrates His power/sovereignty over creation.

Joel 2.31

Great Day- release of His supernatural- provision, power, protection- for His people (Col 3.3, Isa 61.2)

Terrible Day- time- judgment for-rebellious (Rev 6-20)

Time of judgment against- Antichrist- Rev 6.8-9, 16-19

God’s normal mode of operation-restrain His judgments-

2 Pet 3.8-9 (Eccl 8.11)

At- end of the age- exodus story will become our story- God will provide supernaturally for His people.

Exodus- Goshen principle- Ex 8.22-23, 9.4, 6, 26

God will protect His people from His judgments.

The miracles in Exodus/Acts- will be multiplied.

Zeph 2.3, Ezek 9.4-6, Rev 7.2-3, 9.4

In the Bible- Day of the Lord is used in the context of the ultimate Day of the Lord when Jesus returns.

You also find lessor Days of the Lord that happen on a more local or less cataclysmic level.

We will see this in Joel in the sense of the-

locust plague (Joel 1.4-20), the

Babylonian military invasion (Joel 2.1-9)

Lessor Days of the Lord point to ultimate Day of- Lord.

Joel- trying to convince Jews- locust/military invasion- were God’s judgment- not popular even today.

Could 911 have been a wake up call for us?

God’s warnings about judgment may come many years before they happen- we have had many warnings.

Sources of Trouble in the World

There are four sources of trouble in the world-

Satan’s rage

Man’s sin

Creations groaning (under man’s sin, Rom 3)

God’s zeal (His love for the oppressed)

Be careful of those who insist- everything bad is God’s judgment/those who say everything- Satan’s attack.

When bad things happen it is not always clear the source of the trouble- many times a mixture.

Satan’s rage-

God will allow Satan to vent his fury at the end times.

Rev 12:12 (NASB) “For this reason, rejoice, O heavens and you who dwell in them. Woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has come down to you, having great wrath, knowing that he has only a short time.”

The more we walk in agreement with God the more Satan will be restrained.

We can constrain Satan’s boundaries individually, even more corporately through- repentance/prayer.

Man’s sin-

God gave man a free will- he can use this for good/evil.

Men have the ability to make real choices in this life.

Our choices- open the door for good/evil, angels/devils.

Decisions we make in this age not only-

affect our lives now,

they affect others around us, and

they affect our life in eternity.

Creation’s groaning-

Creation is groaning under the weight of man’s sin- earthquakes, volcanoes, violent weather patterns.

When Adam sinned- curse released on the land (Gen 3)

Rom 8.20-22

The earth’s groaning affects the righteous/unrighteous.

The more man sins, the worse the earth groans.

God’s Zeal-

Days of the Lord- are times of judgment sent by God.

You see this in Israel’s locust plague/military invasion.

In the Bible- many times God is the source of trouble-

God raised up Pharaoh- judge Israel Rom 9.17, Ex 9.16

God called Nebuchadnezzar-invade Israel- 586BC

Jer 22.7, 25. 9, 12, 27.6, 43.10, Hab 1.5-7

God raised up- Persians- judge the Babylonians

Isa 13.3-5, Psa 7.11-13

God will raise up- Antichrist- judge- entire earth

Rev 13.5,7, Dan 7.25, Zech 11.16-17

Jesus- breaks open the seals Rev 6.1-17

Why does God judge- God longs for relationship-

He disciplines/judges to remove all- hinders love.

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