Summary: Many voices may speak about you but there is only one voice of the blood of Jesus which speaks better things!

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“And to Jesus the mediator of the new covenant, and to the blood of sprinkling, that speaketh better things than that of Abel.” Hebrews 12:24

Everything in the world today is turning from bad to worse. Things that used to be good are now bad; people who used to be nice are now monsters. The world system is getting bad by each passing day. Thank God for Jesus blood this speaketh better things. Other blood speaks revenge, war, sickness and so forth but there is still the blood that is speaking better things.

There are times when all is just bad. When nothing I mean nothing seems to bring joy in your life. When problems are pushing hard on your mind. Sometimes you wonder if life is going to work out. You just ask where God will be in such times. You think and feel you will not even see tomorrow. All will be just bad moving quickly towards worst. You have cried mourned and have taken so many painkillers but nothing changed. You have done all and just when you think now things are going to work out something terribly worse happens. You are almost considering taking your life. You think its now over. You think there is no any other way. You have come to the end of the rope. You feel like you can’t handle it any longer. You are seriously discouraged. You are deep down in worry and boredom. You yell why? Why me? Why all this………

There are many bloods that speak all that. Your blood may be speaking death when your doctor examines it. Your family blood may be speaking illness, poverty, failure and death. It might be speaking divorce. All people who get married in your family divorce at some point. All people in your family die at a certain age. All people in your family die of a certain disease. It’s just running in the family blood. The family blood is speaking .Don’t worry! Don’t be scared a bit. Don’t be moved even an inch. Relax there is another blood. That blood is pure, no sickness, no family traces, no contamination. It’s the blood of Jesus.

The blood of Jesus is speaking better things in your life today. Irregardless of what your blood, family blood is saying. Jesus’ blood is saying better things. Where death is spoken it speaks life everlasting, where poverty is spoken its speaks wealth in abundance, where failure is spoken it says you are more than a conqueror. Where weakness and inability is spoken it says you can do all things through Christ. The blood of Jesus speaks a better tomorrow for you, a better life for you, a better situation today.

Are you down today, are you afraid of what you heard. Let the blood of Jesus touch your situation. Invite the blood of Jesus. Just listen what it is saying better things for you…….

God bless you

Written by Raphiel Manenge 10/07/05

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