Summary: As found in the Creation, God’s word is powerful, and when we speak His word, we tap into that power so we may glorify Him even more.

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GENESIS 1:1-3 "And God said ..."

Why is it important to speak God’s Word? Because God’s Word is full of power, it’s alive and becomes fully effective when we activate it in our lives. When we became Christians, Jesus came into our hearts, and we were filled with the Holy Spirit. He came to live His life in and through us. He came to help us give ultimate glory to Him in everything we do; everything we think; and everything we say.

We have the spirit of Christ, His ability, and His power living inside every true Christian.

We have that priceless possession within our grasp ……… and yet, we tend to ignore it as if it did not exist. How many people have something material they consider to be a precious possession, but never use it or enjoy it? Or, if they do, it’s only on special occasions? (Such as nice China, silverware, crystal, jewelry)

How sad to have something priceless we can’t enjoy or use; something that remains within our reach, but we keep distanced from us. You might have a million dollars in the bank, but if you do not know it is there, or you know it’s there but you don’t know how to use it, it will do you no good whatsoever.

My husband gives an illustration where a poor Texas family nearly lost their small farm because they couldn’t make a living on it. Then they found oil underneath. They went from rags to riches overnight. The precious commodity of oil had been there all along, but they didn’t know it so it did them no good.

The same is true with the power found in speaking the Word of God. The Word of God is one of the most powerful spiritual weapons He’s given us, and yet we DON’T USE IT, because most of us either do not know it exists, of don’t know how to use it.

Reading, hearing, focusing , meditating and speaking the Word of God strengthens our faith, and empowers us to be victorious over everything Satan brings against us in this life.

Satan knows this is the truth, so he brings doubt, confusion, busyness, and fear into our thoughts. He wants us to focus on the circumstances around us instead of God’s power in us. Satan does not want us to realize God’s precious promises, and he tries to use our thoughts against us.

We can’t speak what we don’t know. By reading His Word, by speaking it in our daily life, and believing it with our heart, soul and spirit our faith is activated, and becomes our strength. Why is His Word so powerful?” God spoke it, and He personally backs up what He says. He’s obligated to fulfill His Word, and He wants to do so. PROVERBS 4:20-22.

So, instead of being satisfied to just read God’s word, speak it whenever possible. You will begin to notice a dramatic increase in how close you feel towards Him, and how much focus you will have on Him.

And my God bless you with spiritual abundance as you strive to get closer to Him.

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