Summary: Israel’s midwives are told to kill all male Jewish babies. But they continued making ‘special deliveries,’ and one of them was to be a special ‘deliverer’! Link inc. to formatted text, audio & video, PowerPoint.

Special Deliverer

Exodus 2:1-4

Now in bondage as slaves, the people of God need a deliverer. Speaking of delivery, their midwives now have been instructed by Pharaoh to kill all male babies born to the Jews. But they valued life, even to the point of lying about why they did not obey this edict. They continued making ‘special deliveries,’ and one of them was to be a special ‘deliverer’!

But Pharaoh took his edict to an all new level, charging all the Egyptians to report or dispose of all male Jewish babies. Most of God’s people lost all hope. They lost their faith. “Has God forgotten us?”

Like most of us today, believers in God from all points of history have questioned God, and often it is about things He has already told us...if only we studied and believed His Word. He had already said in...

Genesis 15:13-14

13 And he said unto Abram, Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them; and they shall afflict them four hundred years; 14 And also that nation, whom they shall serve, will I judge: and afterward shall they come out with great substance.

God had even told Abraham it would be his fourth generation. So surely this Word from the Lord was passed down to Isaac and Jacob, and his 12 sons. And now in our text nearly 400 years have passed in Egypt, and God has been silent. Sometimes God is silent, which causes us to have to rely on our faith in His Words to us previously. But His silence often separates the men from the boys, spiritually speaking. Early church father Ignatius said, “He who has heard the Word of God can bear His silences.”

It’s been almost 400 years, so they should be marking their calendars and looking up for their deliverance, but they are looking down in despondence. We today need to see the handwriting on the wall, the signs of the times, and be looking up for our blessed hope...Jesus coming back in the air, not buried in the basement depression we have dug for ourselves!

God’s delays are not denials...He always keeps His promises!

Titus 1:2

In hope of eternal life, which God, that cannot lie, promised before the world began;

Quite a contrast from those who make us promises today. We’re back to our favorite season of life now, no, not spring...I mean election season! Don’t take the promises of man too seriously, and don’t let man’s failed promises keep you from believing in the promises of God!

God promised a deliverer, and that one came as a baby, wrapped in a special delivery basket. It’s the first suggestion in the OT that our deliverer would one day come as a baby as well!

Baby Moses

1. His Preservation.

He was born into the godly family of Amram and Jochebed. My wife and I are so thankful to have been raised in good Christian homes. And we want everyone to have that privilege and not to take it for granted if you do have it. Cherish it and cling to it!

Ill.—5 young men raised in PA graduated from high school and decided to take a trip out west. When they returned, 4 of them were obviously, noticeably in bad shape morally. They had changed, and everyone could see it. Temptations in the west were very different than in PA at that time. But the 5th young man came back stronger and as good as ever. Someone asked him how he maintained so well. He replied, “it’s because of a picture I carried with me the entire time.” “Oh, was it your sweetheart, waiting here at home for you?” “No, it was a mental picture of my last meal at home before leaving.” He went on to describe that breakfast scene with little conversation, because mom and dad were saddened that for the first time family ties would be broken. His dad took the Bible after the meal as he always did. But halfway thru the passage he chose to read a lump formed in his throat and tears blinded his eyes. He handed the Word off to his mother who finished reading. They all joined hands to pray at the end as they always would. Dad began praying, but again, couldn’t make it thru. Mom finished saying, “dear God, thank you that our boy can leave our home chaste and clean and pure...dear God, bring him back as clean and pure as he is today.” The boy added, “That’s the picture I carried with me out west. How could I disappoint my mom and dad who had done so much for me, and more importantly, how could I let down my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”

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