Summary: Those IN Christ have a Special Gift!

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Spirit Filled Life

Romans 8:1–17


I. At the end of Chapter 7 we see Paul dealing with the struggle between wanting to do evil in accordance to our sinful nature vs. doing the will of God.

II. Paul says we are rescued from this situation through Jesus Christ.

Main Body

I. Those in Christ have a special gift! (vs. 1–4)

A. Paul says there is No condemnation for those IN CHRIST! vs. 1

1. We know that those “in Christ” are those who were baptized “into” Christ 6:2

2. And raised to live a new life, dead to sin but Alive in Christ! 6:8

B. The Gift is not just “no condemnation” it is also the gift of the Holy Spirit

1. Acts 2:38–39

2. Those 1st to receive the gospel were told they would receive the Holy Spirit when they were baptized.

3. And it was not only promised to them:

a. Your Children

b. All who were far off

C. 1 Cor. 2:9–17

1. The Holy Spirit is a gift.

2. It is the Very Mind of Christ!

II. Spirit Controlled Minds (vs. 5–8)

A. Paul shows the contrast between the “two minds” of man:

1. One controlled by the sinful nature

2. One controlled by the Spirit

3. Gal. 5:16–18

B. Paul shows the “fruits” of each mind

1. One is Death

2. One is Life and Peace

III. Spirit Controlled Bodies (vs. 9–11)

A. Paul says that although our body is dead because of sin, our spirit is alive because of righteousness. vs. 10

B. Spirit controlled bodies will be raised from the Dead! vs. 11

IV. Our Obligation and Inheritance! (vs. 12–17)

A. Because we have this great gift of the Holy Spirit we have an obligation to live righteous lives. vs. 13–14

B. The Spirit we received is a sign of our Inheritance. It is a sign of our being God’s children.

C. And if We are Heirs, then we will share in his Glory!


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