Summary: Today, we will begin to consider the resources the Lord has given to us to help us “stand” for Him, and to enjoy victory in the spiritual battles of life.

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Pastor Allan Kircher

Shell Point Baptist Church

Ephesians 6:13-18


We rejoice when/experience small victories here/there.

• Make it through/month/enough money

• We count that a spiritual victory.

• When/no conflict in our lives, we think/victory as well.

While those things are important in our day to day lives

• They/victories w/o battles--conflicts w/o enemies.

• Truth is, every child of God is at war.

Should be/heart’s desire of every believer to “stand” faithfully for the Lord until He calls us home.

Most of us know someone who failed to “stand.”

• Whatever reason, they succumbed/“wiles of the devil”

• fell into sin/out of fellowship with/Lord

• happens far too frequently

Many have taught Sunday School

• Attended church/even preached/Word/God faithfully/years

• Only to give up, turn their backs/Lord/walk away/the world.


Verses before us speak about spiritual warfare

• Remind us we/fight of our lives

Against a relentless, powerful enemy

• engaged in battle/spiritual being/intent on our destruction

• Fighting against an enemy who hates our God/hates us too

• Wants/devour our families, destroy our testimonies

• devastate our church/discredit our God

• This enemy of whom I speak is not all-powerful.

• The God we serve is, 1 John 4:4.

While Satan/intent/our defeat--Lord is interested/giving/victory

Bible/very clearly/end, God/have/last word, and Satan will be forever defeated and banished/Lake of fire, Rev. 20:10-15.

Meantime, God/provided us with everything we need to “stand” for Him against everything the enemy can throw at us.

Today, we will begin to consider the resources the Lord has given to us to help us “stand” for Him, and to enjoy victory in the spiritual battles of life.

• Study/pieces comprise “the full armor of God.”

• Eph 6:10/13 tell/armor/daily warfare with our enemy.

• Enemy/identified/Satan v 12

• passage teaches us/only hope of victory we possess

• To be adorned in “the whole armor of God.”

V 13 tells us to “full armor of God.”

• Literally means “to take up.”

Image of a soldier standing amid the pieces of the armor.

• “Take it up”, v 11 says he is to “put it on.”

This armor:

• does no good in the armory

• does no good until it is put on the soldier’s body

• enable/do/verses 11-13-14 say/that is “stand.”

• Will also make it possible to “withstand,” or “resist,” the daily assaults that come our way from the enemy.


Let’s begin today to examine the pieces of “full armor of God.”


Standard garment/Roman soldier/loose fitting tunic

Nothing more/large, square piece/cloth/holes cut/arms/head

• Usually worn loose, allowing it to drape over the body

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