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Summary: God starts the bible with blessings and ends with blessings


GOD starts the Bible with a blessing and ends with a blessings…

The first word to man was a blessing

Something happened in between!! WHAT?

It was SIN and CURSE

Read Gen 3:17-19

Any kind of HOARDING is a sign of Spirit of poverty

What God gives us not all for ourselves

We need to give it away

There are things in our houses which we don’t need but we just keep it!!!

Same with me--I had a lot of clothes which I never used but did not want to give it away.

But I do not want sign of SOP in my life so I gave it away.

Some expect always from others but never give. That also is a sign of poverty.

As long as we have the spirit of poverty we will never prosper.

Prosperity doesn’t mean everyone will be a millionaire.

It means that you will have what you need and enjoy what you have.

You go to market and sees cheap stuff…you buy 10 when you need only 2. well if you bought with the intention of giving it away that fine. But to hoard it-it’s the SOP.

As long as you have the spirit of poverty you are never satisfied and so you do not enjoy what you have.

One of my relative struggle even for daily living.

One Christmas one of my brother sent Rs 2000/- through me. As I gave it away that man said only this much??? what am I going to do with this only??? NEVER SATISFIED

More you get more you want.

1Tim 6:6

Phil 4:11-12

What he is saying is, when I have, I’m happy

When I have less, I’m happy

Is it possible for rich men to have the SOP??? YES!!!

Is it possible for poor people not to have the SOP??? YES!!!

Lets see 2 people from the bible who is free from the SOP

1. LUKE 21:1-4 poor but she gave all…free from SOP

2. Tax collector Luke 19:1-8

Refund 4 times…he is ready to give it away.

There is 2 ways to break free from SOP

1. Break it over you

You speak it coz you have authority…

Speak blessings…life…prosperity over you

2. Start GIVING-start being generous…give becoz you love…

Heb 13:5-amp let your character or moral disposition be free from love of money ( including greed, avarice, lust and craving for earthly possessions) and be satisfied with you present circumstances and with what you have for god himself had said, I will not in any way fail you, nor give you up nor leave you without support..I will not I will not I will not

Read these scriptures and conclusion

Pro 8:18-21

Pro 10:22

Deu 8:18

3John V2

Phil 4;19

2Cor 8:9


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