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“The Key to Becoming an Over comer Part 1”

August 13, 2003 - Danny L. Williams

Revelation 1:9-20

If you will study with me the book of the Revelation, you are in for a blessing.

And the devil has waged a war against the book of Gen, and Rev.

Satan would tell us that, Genesis is myth and Revelation is mystery.

The book of Revelation is the golden clasp that binds the bible together.

Jesus, is the central character of the Book.

And one of the things that bothers me is people who love prophesy, but don’t love Jesus.

And people read this book and get so occupied with his coming,

That they soon forget the one who is coming.

Many people read the bible to find doctrine arguments or to find a verse to correct someone,

But let me tell you, if you read the bible and don’t find Jesus,

You need to re-read the bible.

The Revelation of Jesus Christ.

This morning I want us to look at the first step or

Nicely tilted, the key to becoming an over comer.

First of all there is a call to be an overcomer.

A Call to overcoming

To him that overcomes,

He who overcomes

He who overcomes

Different churches, different problems.

But prior to John’s discussion about being an over comer,

There is one of the most powerful, descriptions of Jesus Christ in all of the new test.


Why does John go in to this indebt, description of Jesus Christ?

Because, If you don’t know who Christ is,

You don’t know what you have.

And that is important because, If you don’t know what you have and therefore don’t understand who Christ is, You will not overcome.

Overcoming, Has little to do with who you are,

and it also has little to do with what is wrong in your life.

Overcoming has everything to do with knowing Jesus.

Look with me at when John gets this picture of Jesus Christ.

Vs. 10

Revelation 1:10 I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day,

Now the Lord’s day is the first day of the week,


This man understood Church,

He understood the Church is more than coming to hear the music, or to listen to the preacher.

He said I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day,

In Fact, when he writes to the seven churches, he says

He who has an ear, let him hear what the spirit is saying to the Churches.

The number one reason you should come to church is because, you want to be gripped by the spirit of God.

And See Jesus Christ brand new so that you can overcome in those areas you are hurting or struggling with before you walk out of church.

He wasn’t just in the building on the Lord’s day, He was in the Spirit.

Because, if you come to church to simply be in the building, then your ear won’t hear.

What the spirit is saying to the church.

Not, because the spirit isn’t saying it,

But, because your ear is not equipped to hear it.

((((((( You must be in the Spirit))))))

One of the reasons we open up our services with praise and worship, is to push you to the back ground and push Christ to the Forefront.

You say, Pastor you don’t understand the problem I came in with,

You are absolutely right.

But, John said in

vs. 17, And when I saw him, I fell at his feet as a dead man.

And he laid his right hand upon me,

I don’t care what problem, you came in with this morning, that you need to overcome.

All I know is that

I need Jesus to put his Hands on me.

See church, it is one thing to sing and clap,

But it is an entirely different thing to rejoice to be an over comer.

So he invites us to be an over comer,

But he invites us to do that in a context of worship.

Because, worship focuses not on you but on him.

SEE: Most of us when we have a problem tom overcome, we go to people who can help us overcome it.

And that is why; John gives us this Picture of Jesus.

But, you have to be in the spirit on the Lords day,

You have to come to hear from the risen Christ.


What is the concept of being an over comer?

What is an over comer?

The Greek word for overcoming that he uses here is


Which means: to win at ones cause, or to be Victorious.


In order to be an over comer, there must be something in your life that needs overcoming.

Let me say that Again,

In order to be an over comer, there must have something to overcome.

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