Summary: things that kill spiritual life

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Intro: years ago in Tallassee Alabama I went with the men of the church to the train tracks to unload a box car of lumber for the new church building. When I got home I was physically drained, I fell into bed that night. We all have known times of physical exhaustion. In the spiritual realm there are also things that can drain us of our spiritual vitality. Tonight, I would like to look at some spiritual drainers, and give some keys to winning in our spiritual walk with Christ.


PSALMS 42:5,11

Background: David had hit the spiritual wall, he was totally drained in his spiritual man. He had come to the place where he had lost his joy, lost his zeal, and faith was at an all time low. Every Christian must guard against spiritual drains that sap us of all our spiritual energy. Tonight we will look at a few of the major drainers we must all guard against in life.

· Negative influence or negativity—Job 16:2—miserable comforters—we see one drainer in the life of Job and that was he was surrounded by negative influence. Instead of receiving spiritual encouragement, he was bombarded with a spirit of negativity from his friends. You must guard your life against people that will bring you down instead of lift you up. Choose those who will speak into your life carefully. Don’t align your life with anyone that will continually pour a negative report into your spirit. Just as we try to guard our children from negative influences in their lives, we must with the same intensity guard our spirit man from spiritual drainers.

· Unrealistic expectations—Luke 10:41- you are careful and troubled about many things—Jesus is not validating people who want to worship and not work, but something about the way in which Martha was operating in her spirit was discerned by Jesus. If you want to live spiritually drained; place high expectations on others and become hurt, offended and bitter as they continually let you down. People are bad about not meeting our expectations of them, so the more you want people to do what you want them to do, the less they will do it.

· Unfulfilling accomplishment—Ecclesiastes 2:18—yea, I hated all the labor I had taken under the sun. Probably one of the biggest drains in the lives of so many is the more they do the less fulfilled they are in the doing. I have seen people who try to throw themselves into a million and one things, only to discover they are never satisfied no matter how much they do. Solomon says it is all vanity and chasing after the wind. If your first love isn’t in Christ, nothing else you accomplish will satisfy your soul.

· Guilt and Condemnation-Romans 8:1—there is now therefore no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus. Another spiritual drainer is to carry yesterday into tomorrow. If you visit your closet to check on skeletons you have there, you will never move to the place God is calling you. I see so many who can forgive anyone for anything, but can never forgive themselves. Carrying these weights of past sins, faults and failures will lead to a life of discouragement, defeat and depression.

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