Summary: As christians we must learn to persevere. When we would leave and give up the watchword is to remain under. Stay where you are for that is where God wants you to be. I did not instruct you to go under but rather I said remain under. Reach out and with

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PSALMS 73: 1 & 2




TYLER, TX. 75701

Why do I struggle when wicked people seem to be so trouble free?

The plaguing question is not why do the righteous suffer, but why do the wicked prosper.

He questions the value of holiness when its wages are paid in the coin of affliction

This Psalm deals with the prosperity of the wicked, and the afflictions of the righteous. It is a probing into not only the suffering of the Psalmist; but more importantly it investigates the lack of punishment of the wicked. It goes deeper into the problem than does the 37th division of psalms where we are told to "fret not thyself because of evil doers, for they shall soon be cut down.

These are the words of a man whose faith has been severely tested.

It contains the godly mans trial in the first part and his triumph in the latter part.

In this age old writing, Asaph takes a pilgrimage or journey if you would into the valley of doubt. As I consider Asaphs dilemma, it appears to me that we have all been down that road and found ourselves situated in that valley called DOUBT.


In the valley of doubt we look at cancer and wonder why God who is so good, allows cancer to eat up our bodies.

In the valley of doubt we look at the A.I.D.S and wonder why an all-knowing God would allow such a plague to go on uncured

In the valley of doubt we see a mixed up world, where men are dressing like women and women are acting like men, and become curious as to why God does not step in and straighten out this mess.

In this valley we see dope addicts and junkies boldlly walking the streets, and good law abiding citizens locked up, prisoners in their own homes.

In this valley we get a glimpse of little newborn babies, being brought into this world already hooked on crack as a result of the negligence of their mothers and fathers

in this valley we see a scenario where instead of carrying books to school, young boys and girls are carrying uzi’s, semi-automatics and Saturday night specials into the classroom.

This is a perplexing mental conflict; why do the wicked prosper?

God’s people are turned hither and thither, perplexed with doubts of gods goodness.

The Psalmist, partaking of these troubles, is especially disturbed in view of his own case, that with all his diligent efforts for a

holy life, he is still being tried in the furnace of life.

Why is it that my friend can beat and cheat, and drive a new Cadillac, while in my commitment to righteousness I have to drive a beat- up old car?

Why does my neighbor who is an alcoholic and doesn’t know what the inside of a church looks like, have such nice kids, while mine are driving me crazy?

Why is it that I can hardly make ends meet, and the sinner man lives such a Psumptous life?

Why is it that I owe everybody and can’t hardly pay nobody, While Mr. Do-wrong pays everything in cash

Why is it that I’m Mr. Hardworking and I drive a Batallac and Mr. No working drives a Cadillac.

Why is it that the saints sigh and the sinners sing? Rest is given to the disturbers and yet peace is denied the peacemakers. How is it that things can be turned so upside down?


If all we see is the world around us, then we will surely fall.

If you are inclined to be impressed by those who appear to have it made, take another look at what it has made of them. Where is God in their life?


a. feels that commitment has netted nothing

b. more interested in cash than in character

c. wants his righteousness to pay off in dollars and cents, in physical strength rather than in

spiritual health.



Hebrews 13:5 Be content with what you have

We appear to be more interested in comfort than in character, more interested in convenience that commitment, cash more than christ.

Romans 1:21 & 22 " Because, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful, bvut became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.

"Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,

PERSEVERANCE--means to remain; under--It is the ability to stay under the pressure of our difficulty with a good spirit.

As christians we must learn to persevere. When we would leave and give up the watchword is to remain under. Stay where you are for that is where God wants you to be. I did not instruct you to go under but rather I said remain under. Reach out and with that old time resolve say " I will never, No never NEVER, let go of his hand.

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