Summary: Our media and our culture here in the United States has tried to fill our minds with pictures of what the ideal person should look like. This has led many to develop eating disorders, The same happens in a spiritual sense also.

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Eating is a popular thing to do. I like to do it. I do it at least 3 times daily (sometimes more). We all need food to be healthy in this life and to be able to have the energy and strength to serve and love God. The way we eat, or don't eat, shows how devoted we are to being healthy physically. If we eat healthy, get all of our vitamins and nutrients, but if we don't we can have some terrible health problems.

Our media and our culture here in the United States has tried to fill our minds with pictures of what the ideal person should look like. The person that is attractive and beautiful is one who is "skinny" and not overweight. This has led to a lot of problems. People (especially women) who feel like they are not meeting the ideal picture that our culture gives them of how they should look, start to feel too self-conscious, look at themselves as fat, and this leads them to starving themselves and developing eating disorders so they can get back to the ideal weight. These eating disorders are dangerous. Let's look at two of them for a moment because my goal today is to show us that these eating disorders have spiritual counterparts.

Anorexia: The Physical Disorder

Anorexia is a serious, potentially deadly medical disorder characterized by self-starvation, eventually leading to significant energy and nutrient deficiencies, cardiovascular problems, bone problems, and muscle and organ wasting. About 10-20% of people (most women) that suffer from this disorder will die because of the complications it brings.

Bulimia: The Physical Disorder

Bulimia is an illness with recurrent, compulsive episodes of binge eating followed by self-induced vomiting and/or purging with laxatives. This disorder is also very dangerous. It casn lead to stomach and esophagus problems, dental problems, and death in about 1% of cases.

Don't these eating disorders seem terrible. The kind of complications that they bring can be devastating to the body. There are so many studies going on that are trying to learn about these disorders and how to prevent them. Schools are finding ways to educate young people about these disorders and their dangers.


We may understand how dangerous they are. But unfortunately, it would surprise me if the majority of Christians suffer from one of them. (In a spiritual sense)

Let me explain: What is our food spiritually? It is God's word. It is described in the scriptures as something that we need to hunger for, it is described as meat and milk. It is as sweet as honey. I'll give some more references shortly But how often do we look at the scriptures as something that we must feed upon if we want to be healthy spiritually? That is why I am convinced that there is a spiritual counterpart to these eating disorders, and many Christians have suffered from them, including myself. The enemy has been incredibly successful in spreading it.

So lets take a look at both of them from a Spiritual Perspective:


Everyone can get Spiritual Anorexia. This spiritual disorder has led to countless families falling apart; and countless Christians falling away from the Lord. So what is it?

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