Summary: Jesus experienced the satisfaction of spiritual fulfillment and we can too!


By: Dr. Dennis Deese

JOHN 4:22-42 Key verse: 32

ETS: Jesus experienced the satisfaction of spiritual fulfillment.

ESS: We can experience the satisfaction of spiritual fulfillment.

I believe we need to be as concerned about spiritual nutrition as we are about nutrition for the body.

What was Jesus food for spiritual growth? We must feed our spirit on the:

I. WORSHIP OF GOD 4:22-24 (If we are going to worship, then it must be acceptable) we need to understand its:

A. Importance 4:21 “believe me”

Present active imperative. Unique phrase in place of the common \amên amên\ (verily, verily)

B. Privilege 4:21

C. Nature 4:22-23

1. Spirit - (as opposed to the external) mind, soul, heart - sincerity, attitude - to glorify God.

2. Truth - (only through Jesus the Christ) All other worship is false. (God’s nature requires it)


A. Accept its authority 4:21 “believe me”- you don’t have to defend it.

B. Anticipate is promises 4:21 “the hour cometh”

C. Apply its principles 4:23 “true worshipers shall worship”

III. WILL OF GOD 4:34a (The object of God’s good pleasure in the carrying out of the divine purpose)

A. Value it - many are afraid they may have to change

B. Discover it

C. Submit to it


A. The Priority of our works 4:31 “master eat”

B. The Principles of our works

1. We are to witness to the lost 4:7-26, 35-38

2. We are to make disciples of the saved 4:1

C. The Pattern of our works

1. We are to be involved 4:35 & 38 “say not ye” “then”

2. We are to be steadfast 4:34 “finish”

3. We are to be diligent

D. The promises of our works

1. Rewarded 4:36

2. Rejoicing 4:36

3. Reaping 4:38

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