Summary: Here is an informatal message on the Spiritual Gifts, their funtions, and their purpose. This message is a great Postmodern (decontructive) approach to discovering Spiritual Gifts.

(Before we started, I geve everyone a simply Spiritual Gifts test that had about 50 short questions on them and we reviewed them together)

So, we’re talking about Spiritual Gifts. What they are. What they’re not. We’re going to talk about the point of these gifts. I mean, what is the point? I’m even going to give you a little breakdown of each gift and how if fits into the biblical context of living as a part of the body of Christ. So before I go any further, let’s pray:


So, let me first clear up any confusion on Spiritual Gifts by talking briefly about what they are not!

What “Spiritual Gifts” are NOT!

1) They are not natural talents.

Everyone, Christian or not, possesses certain natural talents.

Talents give us our self-identity.

Talents are usually physical.

2) They are NOT “The Fruit of the Spirit” (Gal 5:22-23).

These “fruit” are for all people who live in Christ.

They are the expected outcome of God’s work in our lives (developed, not discovered).

3) They are NOT Christian roles.

Roles are mannerisms in which all are to Christians participate.

Are they given by the grace of God?

4) They are not “Counterfeit” Gifts.

Interpretation of Omens, Extrasensory Perception, Channeling.

So then, what is a Spiritual Gift

A Spiritual Gift is a distinct characteristic given by God, through the Holy Spirit, to every sincere Christian, by God’s grace alone, for the purpose of the entire Body.

It is from God, to every believer, not for themselves but for the whole body. It’s hugely important to understand that last part. Not fot you, but for the whole body. It’s not to give you self-identity or self-worth.

There are three different words used in the original Greek to describe our english rendering, "Gifts".

Biblical (Greek) words used for “Gifts”.

1. Charisma - Grace (Undeserved Favor). Found in Romans 12.

2. Pneumatikos - Spiritual matters [things]. Found in I Corinthians 12.

3. Dorea - Gift (General). Found in Ephesians 4.

What are these Gifts???

Romans 12: (Charisma Gifts)

Prophesying, Serving, Teaching, Encouraging, Giving, Leadership, Mercy.

I Corinthians 12 (Pneumatikos Gifts)

Message of Wisdom, Message of Knowledge, Faith, Healing, Miraculous Powers, Prophecy, Discernment, Speaking in Tongues, Interpretation of Tongues.

Ephesians 4 (Derea Gifts)

Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers.

See the last page of your notes for the descriptions of these gifts.

Alright, now the good part: What’s the point? Can we truly function without the use of these gifts? Do they still apply today.

MYTH: Spiritual Gifts are not longer in operation since the completion of the Cannon of Scripture (The Bible).

Some of you have heard this. It comes from a misunderstanding on I Corinthians 13:8-12. For the sake of time, I’m not going to go into those misunderstandings. But, let me give you two reasons why I believe this is a myth.

1. I have never heard or read of anything to suggest that this was a known belief before 1906. As far as my studies have taken me, 1906 is when this theory of "Perfection" (v. 10) - as the completion of the Cannon - was brought onto the doctorine scene.

2. We read in Revelation 10:3-4 that God told John not to write down these seven thunders. Now, if this is supposed to be a part of GOD’s HOLY WORD, then cannon is not complete. Don’t get me wrong, I believe tat the Bible is practically complete for all godly living. I also believe that the Bible is inspired by God. But, is it fully complete without these seven thunders???

Any how, on the the Gifts.What’s the point?

1. They help guide is to God’s will.

2. They place us within the church (as well as our talents)

3. They benefit the entire Body.

Understanding Spiritual Gifts

I Corinthians 12:12-31

V. 12 - There are many parts to the body.

V. 17 - Many differing parts are necessary.

V. 18 - God arranges them.

V. 21 - All are needed, especially the smaller/weaker ones.

V. 26 - A look at the church body and suffering.

You see, looking at these verses it is clear that we are a part of something greater than ourselves. The key to understanding Spiritual Gifts in found in understanding the human body. We are all, with our differing gifts, a part of the whole body...being all Chrisitans from all over.

Here’s an example:

When our friends Bill and Rachael had Evalynn, we all rallied around them and provided assistance for them. We cooked for them, and took care of some errand running for them. You see, I don’t know if you notice this or not, but those of you with gifts of service were the leaders on this whole thing. Together we were the very hands and feet of God. We were the living grace of God. Do you see where I’m at? We truly are the body of Christ here on earth. You see we are all NEEDED, every one of us. My question to you is, what are you going to do about your gift.

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