Summary: Paul wrote in his letter that he wanted to speak to the SPIRITUAL PEOPLE, but was not able to.

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Text: I Corinthians 2:14 thru 3:1

This morning I want to look at three types of Christians the Bible teaches.

They are all very different from one another. I have never met anyone who was not one of these three.

You cannot be kind of like one and kind of like another. As we look at this, my prayer is that you will honestly determine which one them you are.

1. “Natural Man” – (Vs. 14) The NIV identifies this person as the man without the spirit. This man may see the handiwork of God (i.e., beautiful mountain, etc.), but they cannot possibly understand the things of God. To experience the Lord in a real relationship is considered foolishness, and for the weak. They are bound and blinded by the works of the devil. This person has absolutely no control over the fate of their eternity and judgment. These people are often well educated with the things of this world, but are ignorant of the things in the spiritual realm.

2. “Spiritual Man” – (Vs. 15) For the most part, these people do understand the things of God. The Bible clearly says that they will never be judged or condemned by man. The fate of their eternity is sealed by the Holy Word of God, the blood of Jesus, and the anointing power of the Holy Spirit. No one, and no thing can touch them without the permission of God Himself. These people are living the ideal life!

3. “Carnal Man” – (Vs. 1) Apparently, Paul is having concerns with this believer in the church in Corinth. We will see, there are Christians, even today, who are “carnal”.

Paul wrote in his letter that he wanted to speak to the SPIRITUAL PEOPLE, but was not able to. Rather, he was having to speak to the “babes in Christ.” He called them “carnal”.

Well – what does that mean?

1. They do not have victory over their flesh; they have selfish and evil desires that interfere with their growing up in Christ.

2. They have received Jesus Christ as their Savior, but not as their Lord and Master (doing this would’ve been considered by them to be an option)

So does that mean that being a “babe in Christ” is wrong?

Certainly not.

This can easily be compared to the beauty found (by a new mother and father) with their newborn baby.

I doubt there are many other things in life more precious and beautiful as a newborn infant. Likewise, we can see this beauty in a new convert as they give their heart to the Lord and are baptized in water, and the Holy Spirit.

A “babe in Christ” is cleansed and made whole. For the first time they can see the real reason for living.

There is a new love and enthusiasm for the things of God.

This is wonderful, but (hopefully) there will come a time when this new convert will begin to grow up and mature in the Holy things of God.

I want you to consider the close comparisons here between the newborn and the “babe in Christ”.

They both –

1. Must be fed only with milk (with no meat). Have you ever seen the expression on the baby who got choked on food they were too young to chew?

2. Live very sensitive lives. They need their naps, pacifiers, baby strollers, play pens, and (oh yeah) their way on everything!

3. Have emotions that can easily change almost from moment to moment. Crying one minute and laughing the next. There are moments of joy followed with moments of whimpering.

Listen to Ephesians 4:13-14

13 till we all come to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to a perfect man, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ;

14 that we should no longer be children, tossed to and fro…

“Perfect man” here refers to a fully matured person in the things of God.

Folks – Like many of you, I can remember what it meant to me whenever my children first said the word “Dad-Da”. This is a very powerful moment whenever your own child identifies with you. There is a connection we’ll always remember.

But none of us would ever want any of our children to stay that way for very long. They are cute, but we want them to mature and be normal like other children.

Here’s my point – When a person becomes a Christian, we expect that period of time when we hear the “Dad-Da’s”. We expect that new believer to need time to understand what is going on in their lives.

But if I were to have my child physically grow up into their teens, and all they were still saying is “Dad-Da” when I walk into the room…I got a serious problem….

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