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’Charles H, Spurgeon’ was once asked, "Why should Christians be such happy people" ? He replied "It is good for our God; it gives Him honour among men when we are glad It is good for us; it makes us strong, It is good for the ungodly; when they see Christians glad they long to be believers themselves, It is good for our fellow Christians; it comforts them and tents to cheer them"

The many words for joy in scripture suggest an exuberant expression of delight; ’Simchah’ means ’bright and shining’, ’Masos’ means ’leaping and jumping’ and ’Rinnah’ means ’shouting’, Just look at some of the Psalms and see how expressive God’s people were about their joy (Ps 42:4, 92, 118).


Prince Charles once said "we live in a modern society that has the means to make one happy yet we fail to find happiness."

Many people have gained so much in life yet they remain so unhappy, Henry Ford said he was happier doing a mechanic’s job. A multi-millionaire once said "millionaires seldom smile" (see Ecc 5:12).

People fail to realise that Christian joy and happiness are not the same thing.

Happiness is based on what is happening. Christian Joy on the other hand is based totally on God. The happenings in life are constantly changing so happiness never lasts, God never changes and the joy he gives lasts forever.

"Joy is a divine dimension of living not shackled by circumstances" ’W.P. Keller’

The Christian has received joy because he has received Christ into his life (see Rom 15:13). Joy for a Christian is more than an emotion that comes and goes, it is a constant sense of well being with God .


If you were to be given one million pounds I think you would do more than just smile!

It is an unfortunate thing for a Christian to become melancholy, If there is any man in the world that has a right to have a bright, clear face and a flashing eye, it is the man whose sins are forgiven him, who is saved with God’s salvation"

’C.H. Spurgeon’

Paul tells us that ’joy’ is what the Kingdom of God is about (see Rom 14:17) joy is evidence that the Holy Spirit is at work in us, (see Gal 5:22), joy is evidence of conversion (see Acts 2:46, 13:52, 16:34).

The early Christians were able to reflect their joy in Lord in the mist of persecution, suffering, trials etc. (see lPet 1:6, Heb 10:43, 2Cor 6:10, Jh 16:20).

Sadly many of us fail to reflect our received joy, maybe because we are being robbed of it.


Paul asked the Galatians "what has happened to all your joy" (Gal 4:15), some one or same thing had robbed them of their joy.

Pressures, bad company, disunity, doubt, disobedience, discouragement are all robbers of our joy.

A robber can only enter if we unaware and if we leave him an opening into our lives,

Troubles, trials, testing and temptations are to be expected in the Christian life but we do not have to let them rob us of our joy in the Lord (lPet 1:6)


Renewing your joy may require repentance, that the joy of salvation be restored (see Ps 51:10-12 ).

Jesus promises joy to those who obey His words (see Jh 15:10-11).

A returning to the presence of God where there is fullness of joy (see Ps 16:11), Jesus again promises joy when we take time to be with God in prayer (see Jh 16:24). You may also need to spend time reflecting on the work of God in your life. Our received joy is related to our experience and knowledge of God.

We all need to receive more of the Spirit of Christ into our lives, (Read the following and note the link between the Holy Spirit and joy; Acts 12:52, Lk 10:21, Rom 14:17, 1Thess 1:6).

Then we must "Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again; REJOICE, REJOICE & REJOICE. (Phil 4:4)


The most well know result of joy in our live is the "strength of the Lord" (see Neh 8:10).

Rejoicing also brings the peace of God into our lives to guard our hearts and minds in anxious times (see Phil 4:4-7).

It is joy that will help us to be successful in our troubles, trials and testing.

Lastly, joy is COLLECTIVE and it is COMMUNICATED

As the people of God came together they rejoiced in God and in what God had done for each of them.

They shared their joy in God with each other and their joy over each other (see Ps 95&100, Phil 1:4, 2Tim 1:4, 3Jh 4).

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