Summary: 1. We are in the midst of a spiritual battle. 2. You must choose sides. 3. The battle must be fought with courage.

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Jennifer Hoes will get married on her birthday, May 28, 2004. It will be an elaborate affair: a unique wedding gown, a ceremony in the wedding room of the City Hall of Haarlem in the Netherlands. Jennifer will be both the blushing bride and the dashing groom. Family and friends will gather to celebrate her marriage to herself. She will promise to “love, respect and honor” herself in good times and in bad. In the UPI article, Jennifer acknowledges that hers will be the quintessential postmodern union. She says, “We live in a ‘Me’ society. Hence it is logical that one promises to be faithful to oneself.” The writer of the article wonders: “What if she ceases to like herself — will divorce be an option. . . . Indeed, what if she should fall in love with somebody else deeply enough to wed him — must she first send herself packing? In case she doesn’t but still says, ‘I do,’ to the guy, would this be considered an act of bigamy? Could she go to jail for that?” Her response is: “There’s room for two rings of my finger.” So, obviously, she is willing to marry someone else while remaining married and committed to herself.

It is stories like this one that leave us reeling and wondering if there is any sanity left in the world. We have recently been deluged with the news of homosexuals being permitted to marry, and there seems to be no lack of ordained ministers of the church who are willing to perform these ceremonies. There has been enormous pressure on the General Conference of our denomination this past week and next to permit practicing homosexuals to become legitimate pastors in our church. You begin to wonder if the world has lost its moral mind. What once was understood to be a perversion of God’s intent and design is now considered to be not only normal, but something to be celebrated. You have to wonder where it will end. Will this become the norm in the United States and around the world? Will marriage be redefined so that it no longer means one man and one woman committing themselves in faithfulness to each other, but eventually include marrying yourself, like Jennifer Hoes? Could it soon be defined as one adult and a child, or one man marrying two women, or one woman and three other women, or a dozen people marrying each other? I recently read of a man marrying his horse. Why not, if marriage has lost all meaning and legitimacy?

Why is all this happening? How have we come to the place of moral insanity by a culture crazed by its own desire? How did we get to the place where something as obviously wrong as killing unborn children is seen as a fundamental right? As you look around you, you understand that there is no such thing as a commonly accepted morality any longer. People feel they have a right to do whatever it is they want to do, regardless of what Scripture says about their behavior. Yesterday’s culturally accepted norms are today’s taboos. The very fabric of our culture seems to be coming apart, and it all seems to be happening so fast. What is going on?

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