Summary: We need to understand what the Bible has to say about the NATURE & FUNCTION of Angels.

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INTRO: With the increased interest in the paranormal these days there has recently, been an increased interest in the subject of ANGELS.

Some time ago, ago, a dear church passed along a magazine to me about angels. Among the so-called "revelations" that this book contains are:

Michael Landon = an Angel

Death is not a punishment for sin, “it is

just another realm that our spirit/soul goes

through in order to return once more.”

Perhaps the most troubling thing about the book was how far out of character it was with the Biblical Role of Angels in creation. Have you ever noticed that the Bible never gives a detailed description of the

angelic realm? Instead, I liken the treatment of angels in scripture to that of stage-hands in a drama. They do a lot behind the scenes but they themselves aren’t supposed to be seen at all.

One of the marks of the Colossian Heresy was ‘in the promoting of what we might call...ADDITIONS TO CHRIST. To them Christ was not unique, but one of many manifestations of God...& so they taught that Christ was not enough for salvation.

For them it was CHRIST + Philosophy(vs. 8), + Astrology(vs. 8), + Circumcision (vs. 11), + Religious Observance(vs. 16), + ANGELS(vs. 18)...




One of the favorite tactics of the Devil is to employ our curiosity to cause us to lessen our focus on the One who is most important in our lives I’m not suggesting that those of you who have expressed an

interest in this topic, have done so for Demonic reasons. I’m merely suggesting that this is a subject upon which we had best guard against going to seed. If anything you study lessons your focus on Christ Its best neglected. WE NEED TO GUARD AGAINST AN EXCESSIVE

PREOCCUPATION WITH THE ANGELIC REALM. The best way, I see,to do so is to understand what the Bible has to say about the NATURE & FUNCTION of Angels:


Because God’s revelation is not primarily concerned with a detailed exposition of Angels, we must draw much of what we know about angels from inferences rather than plain DIDACTIC statements.

There are a few straightforward DIDACTIC statements however. For Example: Angels = defined(Heb.1:14)

“Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to

serve those who will inherit salvation?”

So then, Angels = Spiritual Beings. Their Job = to minister to those who will be saved.

From Inferences it is possible to assert that:

a.) Angel’s are immortal (Luke 20:36) Jesus refers

to believers as those “...who can no longer die; for

they are like the angels.”

b.) Angel’s are Sexless. (Matt. 22:30) Jesus is

discussing the issue of marriage at the resurrection.

c.) Angels are usually invisible but may become


(Gen. 18)-> The angels who visited Abraham.

Resurrection (Luke 24:4) both described with a

human-like appearance.

d.) There are many (Heb. 12:22) “thousand upon


e.) They are created beings. (Ps. 148:2,5).

f.) They are NOT perfect (Job4:18)

’If God places no trust in His servants,

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