Summary: ~ POWER POINT IMAGES ARE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST. INQUIRE AT ~ The people of Genesis 11 give us insight of where mankind is headed if he continues to ignore and reject God’s Plan of Salvation for him.

Stairway To Heaven


We live in a world that is (in many ways) becoming less certain about knowing what to believe. The word “truth” can be defined by many of us as the Holy Word of God, whereas, “truth” to most people is foolishly being determined with personal opinions and philosphy.

In other words, we now live in a world that is deciding for itself what is right or what is wrong. This world is becoming more and more confused about what “truth” really is.

I am convinced that the world wants to know what “truth” really is, but just can’t seem to find it. I would suggest that this world we live in can be easily compared with the world as it was in Genesis 11.

Text: Genesis 11:1 thru 4


I am thankful today for what Jesus said in John 14, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life…” Many of us have the “Truth”, but we live in a world that often does not.

The people of Genesis 11 give us insight of where mankind is headed if he continues to ignore and reject God’s Plan of Salvation for him.

The Genesis’ account tells us that after Noah’s Flood everyone in the world spoke the same language.

As the population began to grow, people moved to new areas. One group of people moved to the Plain of Shinar. We know it as Babylonia or part of Iraq.

There the people decided amongst themselves to build a STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN. They also wanted to make a name for themselves, and they did not want to be scattered to other areas of the earth. They selfishly decided that they would isolate themselves from the rest of the world. This was because no one else really mattered to them, but themselves.

Notice vs. 4 –

1. “let us build a city”

2. “let us make name” or (NLT), “a moment to our greatness.”

Some scholars think that these people remembered the Great Flood of Noah, and did not believe in the covenant that God had promised (to not destroy the world again with water). So, to create a means of escape, the people began to build a STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN.

This is very possible – they knew they were living was evil and that God would eventually judge them as He judged man during the days of Noah. Terrifying thought for them!

This was to be a stationary/permanent type of a Noah’s Ark. Something they could run to when God would once again judge the earth with water. What the people were trying to do was to outsmart God, and escape any future judgment for their sins.

Even though they knew they were living ungodly lives, they were determined not to ever turn back to God and admit, confess or repent of their sins.

That may have very well been their reasoning, but we should understand this about our ever trying to save ourselves or even justify the way we live:

On our own man is never good enough, powerful enough, smart enough, creative enough, loving enough, holy enough…to ever become a god and save himself from his sins.

Man will always need God to save him.


There are times when we think what we are doing is okay with God. Such is the case for even some Christians living today. A well meaning Christian may decide for them self what they will do with the tithes that they owe God. I have known those who will see someone they think is in need of money and give their tithe to them. They justify their actions rather than being obedient to the Lord with their first fruits. This seems acceptable in their own eyes but is not in accordance with God’s laws.

Well here is another thought about what happened at the tower of Babel. Some scholars think the people in Genesis 11 thought they could build a tower that would reach Heaven, and somehow they would become their own gods.

Perhaps they wanted to become equal with God.

There are many cultish religions today that believe in “ascension”. They build their own tower to the heavens.

Question: How many people do you know who are trying to get to Heaven in some way other than God’s way?

How many people of our day think they will go to heaven because they were a good person?

Or, because they go to church on Sunday?

Or, because they were brought up in a Christian home with Christian parents or Christian grandparents?

This trying to get to heaven on our own terms and not God’s is truly a problem that still plagues man (thousands of years later). Listen, man’s plan of escape will not work!

I have been to the top of two of the tallest buildings in the world in Chicago and New York. They didn’t get me any closer to heaven…

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