Summary: This message looks at three key choices we need to make (where’s our vision, our heart, and our confidence?) and the choice God has to make in response.

Three Choices For Us As We Stand At The Edge Of The Promised Land:

1. OUR VISION: Objective or Obstacles?

A. Objective.

- 13:1-2.

- note the balance of “spy out” (what Israel did) and “giving” (what God did).

- also: 13:17-20 - careful investigation.

B. Obstacles.

- 13:28-29.

- not that noting the obstacles is bad - it’s when the obstacles become our focus that we get in trouble.

- what does that trouble look like? It creates the wrong thing in our heart.. .

2. OUR HEART: Faith or Fear?

A. Fear.

- 14:1-4.

- note that 13:28-29 were big obstacles/the argument is not “C’mon, the challenges aren’t that big” but “Remember: God is bigger than our challenges.”

B. Faith.

- 13:30.

- “at once”

- “take possession”

- “well able”

- “overcome”

- how do we hold onto that kind of faith? Actually, it comes from an unusual source. . .

3. OUR CONFIDENCE: Giants or Glory?

A. Giants.

- 13:32-33.

- this is where their lack of confidence came from/the challenges just looked too big for them.

B. Glory.

- 14:11-12 - God’s ready to start over with Moses.

- what is Moses’ counter-argument? It’s not the first one I would have thought of. . .

- 14:13-16 - Moses’ argument: Your Name and Your Glory is tied to these people.

- 14:20-21.

- God has put His name out there because He had identified Himself with these people/therefore, He isn’t just going to answer in order to bring us joy, but also to uphold the glory of His name.

- when we understand this, it becomes an enormous source of confidence: “Of course He’s going to come through - He’s put His own name at stake!”

GOD’S RESPONSE: Delight or Discipline?

A. Delight.

- 14:7-9.

- “delight”

- “bread”

B. Discipline.

- 14:22-23 - not entering the land.

- 14:39-45 - Israel’s efforts on their own led to defeat.

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