Summary: Joshua pointed the way so tohers could live victoriously in the land God promised them. Should we not also do the same?

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Standing in the Crowd?

Talk about vision

Having vision/sense of purpose- important for people-

it is a natural part of life,

it gives us a sense of why we were created.

When there is no vision/redemptive revelation of God

people flounder, their lives lack purpose (Pr 29:18).

As a church I want us to have a sense of purpose.

Our mission as a church is described by- six words


Encounter God, Love People, Share Life

We want COTRM to be a place where people


where they experience divine revelation,

an unveiling of who Christ is.

learn to LOVE PEOPLE,

we want to build community and

the importance of “one another.”

SHARE LIFE with others,

who know how to be salt and light,

maturity speaks of- ability- reproduce life.

Looking back over- past year: (IN YOUR NOTES):

God gave us four principles to live by

1. Live your life with purpose

God created man to be significant/to have purpose-

live life with a sense of the eternal in our hearts.

2. God’s Word is true today

God is working miracles today just as He did in the NT-

the supernatural is to be a natural part of life.

3. Expect Increase

We have been given the life of God and we can expect an increase in the presence/power/work in our lives.

4. Advance in Adversity

Adversity- not a time to draw back- opportunity to move ahead as- learn- trust God in- circumstances.

God gave 3 words- declare prophetically over COTR


Excitement, Expectation, Enthusiasm

Excitement- is to be awakened, energized, and called into divine activity.

Expectation- reach forward with faith and believe the impossible can become the possible.

Enthusiasm- is to believe that God wants to reveal Himself to us through the work of His HS.

(Pray for this to be released!)


We asked our self this question

Are we Professors or Possessors of God’s life?

It is one thing to profess that we are Christians and another to possess that reality, to live that reality.

God has called us to be both- Professors/Possessors.

We looked at- story of Joshua- revisit Josh 3:1-5

The Ark represented the presence of God.

God- taking Israel where they had never been before.

They would need to keep their eye on the Ark- keep their eye on what God was doing to be successful.

As we God takes us into places we have not been before, important we keep our eyes on Him.

Digging Deeper into the story of Joseph

Pastor Tony’s HC- reviewing- Digging Deeper insert- for last week- Chelle T had- profound insights.

We will post her insights on the church blog this week.

($30 gift certificate to Carrabbas- post blog comment)

Joshua- very interesting personality in the Bible.

Joshua had both a profound love for God, yet he was also a mighty warrior.

Joshua demonstrated the role of both a priest/king.

When you read Joshua 3:1-5, did you see yourself from the place of the crowd standing behind the ark, or did you identify yourself standing in the position as the priest leading the people, holding the ark of the Lord?

Challenged my thinking- I saw myself in the crowd.

Once we begin to see ourselves as Priests and Kings and begin to take responsibility for the people and regions that we have been assigned to- we just may begin to see that the LORD will do wonders among us!

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