Summary: People need to stand with their Pastor!


A) Israel had just crossed the Red Sea on a journey that should have taken from 11-14 days.

* They should have been crossed over Jordan in Canaan Land and inherited the presence and

promises of God! * A journey that should have taken less than 2 weeks, took them 40 years.

B) But as soon as they crossed the Red Sea, which is a type of being saved,

* The first conflict they had was with the people called Amalek, a perfect type of the flesh!

C) Amalek gave them problems from the Red Sea all the way to Jordan!

* You remember when Moses took one deacon out of every tribe and sent them to Canaan

Land to get a report, ten came back and said, "We can’t go in ......."

* Only two of them were full of the Holy Ghost, Joshua and Caleb! * They said,

D) "We are very well equipped and able to take over and conquer the enemy!"

* Do you know what enemy it was that stopped them from crossing over?

* Moses said, "Who is it over there that you are afraid of?" They said, "The Amalekites!"

* You see, the flesh will fight you from the moment you’re saved till the moment you see Jesus!

E) You will have a battle on your hands! * The people of Israel was in Rephidim.

* Moses told Joshua in v.9 ... and so in v.10, Moses goes to the top of the hill with Aaron & Hur.

* In v.11, the battle was going on hot and heavy! * As long as Moses had his hands up .......!

* So in v.12, as the sun was going down and his shadow was cast behind him, we find two

faithful men standing in the shadow of the man of God, holding his hands up!

F) I thank God for good women, young people and teen-agers!

* But we are living in a day and time when the church needs some men!

* I’m talking about men that will stand behind the man of God, stand in the shadow of .......!

G) How can we stand in the shadow and support our pastor?

* You do not have a television or radio pastor! * Man who supported Jimmy Swaggart .......

* And by the way, it wasn’t Mrs. Moses that went to the top of the hill, it was Moses!

* I want to show you from the Bible how you can be an encouragement standing behind .......!


* Now, I want to give you something to think about! * It’s really an awkward situation here.

A) Joshua is going to fight the first battle these new converts ever fought!

* You would have thought Moses would’ve said, "Look, we’re going to fight the Amalekites."

* "I am going to lead the way and be the example, I’m going to show you how to kill the flesh

and live a victorious Christian life."

B) But instead Moses said, "I want you all to go fight and I’m going to the top of the hill!"

* Now, if that had been in an average Free Will Baptist Church, they would have said,

* "Now wait a minute Moses, I think we ought to vote on this thing and see if you should be

the one to go to the top of the hill!"

C) But they had enough confidence in the man of God and they said,

* "If God tells you to go to the top of the hill or if God tells you to go to the lowest valley,"

* "You just do what God tells you to do ’cause we’ve got confidence in your leadership!"

* "God’s already used you to bring us out of Egypt’s bondage, and God has used you to lead

us across the Red Sea, and we have confidence that you’ll lead us through this battle!"

* I’m telling you, you will never be the church member you should be if you don’t have

confidence in the man of God!

D) They didn’t question him, they didn’t go half way up the mountain and say,

* "Hey Moses, is this far enough? God can hear us from here, we don’t have to go all ... up ...!"

* They never opened their mouth! * They said, "God has put you in leadership over us, and we

will follow you as long as you follow God & are faithful to the Word of God!"

* "You just lead the way and we’ll follow you and God!"

E) Now, imagine as they’re going up the hill what Aaron & Hur heard from other people!

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