Summary: A Father’s Day sermon about standing on and living out God’s promises.

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INTRO – How are you at keeping your promises? We live in a society where promises are expected to be broken.

Story of Harry, a dept. manager in a retail store.

- Rising up corporate ladder.

- Strong Xn. Lived his witness faithfully in front of coworkers.

- Offered a position as a youth leader in a church. Resigned and asked to be able to pick and train his replacement for a month.

- Trained Tim, a non-Xn whom he had been witnessing to. Took 2 wks. instead of 4.

- Mgr. Called Harry in. “Can’t afford to pay 2 men to do same job. If you’re not sure you have church job, let me know and I’ll keep you and release Tim.”

- No struggle for Harry. Did not matter if church position fell through. Had given both his job and his word to Tim. Remembered David’s words in Ps. 15:4 that G honors those who keep their oath, even when it hurts.

- G would honor Harry’s integrity.

- Did it make a difference to Tim? Yes, better employee and a better Xn b/c of what Harry did for him.

(Taken from Practical Illustrations, Gal.-Col., pg. 29)

What would you have done in that situation? What would you have done if you knew that the church job was not a definite? Would you have thought twice about keeping your word to Tim?

Keeping promises is not a very popular activity in our society today. Promises are made and broken all the time, in all areas of our lives:

- Between government and citizens

- …Businesses and customers

- …Teachers and students

- …Coaches and players

- …Employers and employees

- …Husbands and wives

- …Parents and children

- …Us and God

Today on this Father’s Day, I want to issue a call to all of us – fathers, mothers, children, married, single, young, old – to make a new commitment to stand on the promises in our lives. I especially want to encourage the dads that are present today to do some serious introspection in the area of promise-keeping. The impact of a father in the home – both for good and bad – cannot be underestimated nor overlooked.

Listen to these testimonies from some of our own church members about the impact of their fathers on their lives:

- Steve Moreman’s testimony

- Mary Ann Martin’s testimony

- Jimmy Ray’s testimony

Simply put, fathers have an incredible opportunity to impact their kids’ lives either for good or for bad for the rest of their kids’ lives. What if I could tell you that there was a way to guarantee that your children will be:

- 5 times less likely to commit suicide;

- 32 times less likely to run away;

- 20 times less likely to have behavioral disorders;

- 14 times less likely to commit rape;

- 9 times less likely to drop out of high school;

- 10 times less likely to abuse chemical substances;

- 9 times less likely to end up in state-operated institutions?

Would you be interested in finding out the secret? THE PRESENCE OF A FATHER IN THE HOME. (Being a Good Dad When You Didn’t Have One)

Here are 2 insights that we need to consider if we desire to live a life of standing on the promises:


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