Summary: A Father’s Day sermon about standing on and living out God’s promises.

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INTRO – How are you at keeping your promises? We live in a society where promises are expected to be broken.

Story of Harry, a dept. manager in a retail store.

- Rising up corporate ladder.

- Strong Xn. Lived his witness faithfully in front of coworkers.

- Offered a position as a youth leader in a church. Resigned and asked to be able to pick and train his replacement for a month.

- Trained Tim, a non-Xn whom he had been witnessing to. Took 2 wks. instead of 4.

- Mgr. Called Harry in. “Can’t afford to pay 2 men to do same job. If you’re not sure you have church job, let me know and I’ll keep you and release Tim.”

- No struggle for Harry. Did not matter if church position fell through. Had given both his job and his word to Tim. Remembered David’s words in Ps. 15:4 that G honors those who keep their oath, even when it hurts.

- G would honor Harry’s integrity.

- Did it make a difference to Tim? Yes, better employee and a better Xn b/c of what Harry did for him.

(Taken from Practical Illustrations, Gal.-Col., pg. 29)

What would you have done in that situation? What would you have done if you knew that the church job was not a definite? Would you have thought twice about keeping your word to Tim?

Keeping promises is not a very popular activity in our society today. Promises are made and broken all the time, in all areas of our lives:

- Between government and citizens

- …Businesses and customers

- …Teachers and students

- …Coaches and players

- …Employers and employees

- …Husbands and wives

- …Parents and children

- …Us and God

Today on this Father’s Day, I want to issue a call to all of us – fathers, mothers, children, married, single, young, old – to make a new commitment to stand on the promises in our lives. I especially want to encourage the dads that are present today to do some serious introspection in the area of promise-keeping. The impact of a father in the home – both for good and bad – cannot be underestimated nor overlooked.

Listen to these testimonies from some of our own church members about the impact of their fathers on their lives:

- Steve Moreman’s testimony

- Mary Ann Martin’s testimony

- Jimmy Ray’s testimony

Simply put, fathers have an incredible opportunity to impact their kids’ lives either for good or for bad for the rest of their kids’ lives. What if I could tell you that there was a way to guarantee that your children will be:

- 5 times less likely to commit suicide;

- 32 times less likely to run away;

- 20 times less likely to have behavioral disorders;

- 14 times less likely to commit rape;

- 9 times less likely to drop out of high school;

- 10 times less likely to abuse chemical substances;

- 9 times less likely to end up in state-operated institutions?

Would you be interested in finding out the secret? THE PRESENCE OF A FATHER IN THE HOME. (Being a Good Dad When You Didn’t Have One)

Here are 2 insights that we need to consider if we desire to live a life of standing on the promises:


A. Our G is a promise-making, promise-keeping G.

i. He spoke His promises to Abraham – v. 16

ii. He gave the Law – v. 17

iii. The Law fulfilled its promised purpose – v. 19, 24

1. It still fulfills its promised purpose. How?

a. Story told about a proud fishing pond and a fish. Across the land, fishermen would come and exclaim how clear the water was in the pond. Upon hearing yet another positive accolade, the pond’s level of pride began to reach flood stage. “I must be the best and clearest pond in the world!” It didn’t take long for the old fish at the bottom of the pond to grow weary of this overdone pride. He had heard it for years. And he, better than anyone, knew what was really in the pond.

b. Resting on the bottom of the pond, the old fish began to rapidly flutter his fins. As he did, the motion of the water began to stir up the silt on the bottom. It did not take long for the pond to fill up w/ a murky cloud.

c. “Stop! What are you doing to me? How dare you dirty me up!” screamed the offended pond. The fish responded in measured and striking words: “I haven’t done a thing to you except to show what has been in you all the time.”

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