Summary: How do I start the year off on the right foot? It is by seeking wisdom and knowledge through the WORD.

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- Start Off the Year “Off On the Right Foot”

- Meaning: - Embark on a journey or task with

purpose and gusto.

- Origin:- put your best foot forward First recorded in

1613 from Sir Thomas Overbury English writer

"He is still setting the best foot forward."

Secular Music Has It’s Ideas

Like Aladdin

Aladdin , “You don’t want to go for a ride do you? We could get out of the place, see the world

Jasmine, “Is it safe?

Aladdin, “Sure!, Do you trust me?

Jasmine, “What”?

Aladdin, “Do you trust me”?

Jasmine, “Yes”!

Song First line- “I can show you the world”

.... “A whole new world”

- How we long for a whole new world

Or In Musical Oklahoma

Starts — “There’s a bright golden haze.....”

.... “O what a beautiful morning, O what beautiful day, I’ve got a beautiful feeling everything is going my way”....

- Where is our Savior in all of this

Or Frank Sinatra’s I Did It My Way

- “We will now sing the national anthem”..... “And now the end is near .... My friends I will make it clear, I’ll state my case, of which I’m certain ..... I did it my way”

- Doing it my way is truly a loss of all things

- Year does not look like a whole new world

- There is no bright golden haze, or things going well

- We feel the end is near when we did it our way

- What is it that you would like to see this year?

- Mt 6:25 - Life is more then the rat race

- Mt. 6:33 - Kingdom thinking

- It is the pursuit of the Kingdom of God & Righteousness

- We don’t understand God’s Kingdom or Righteousness

- So we have our own pursuits

Solomon Was Given a Chance to Ask Anything

2 C 1:7-12

◆ v. 7 - “Ask what I shall give thee”

◆ v. 11 - Could have asked Riches, Wealth, Honor, Victory, Long life

◆ v. 10 - Give me Wisdom & Knowledge

- Solomon Convinced of Kingdom thinking & righteousness (Wisdom & Knowledge)

- Wrote Prov 1:7, 20, 30, 31-33

- Where does wisdom & Knowledge come from?

- Ps 1:1-3, Ps 19:7-11 - The WORD

- Jn 1:14 - WORD was made flesh & dwelt among us

- Repentance & Conversion necessary

- Life Guided by Scripture

- This year take a bible reading plan

- Listen to the bible on CD or Mp3

- Be encouraged by memorizing - Rom 8:31-39

- To have a Happy New Year prosper through wisdom & knowledge

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