Summary: This sermon helps one to look at the good and bad and understand no matter what they go through in life they have to Stay in the Race.

For our lesson today, we are looking at the life of King Solomon. Solomon was a good man. Solomon was the son of King David. He was appointed the King of Israel and Judah by his farther, King David. Solomon was the son of Bathsheba (you remember her; David had her husband killed when he cheated with her).

Although Solomon was not the oldest son, nor was he next in line to be king. The Prophet Nathan reminded his mother that David had promised her that Solomon would be king. So Solomon became king when he was not supposed to be.

So let us check the background on Solomon, let us do an investigation on Solomon. Let us look at some of the good attributes Solomon had going for himself.

*1st, We see Solomon had a good father that came from a good house. David was a man after God’s own heart. We all know about David; you remember it was David, while fleeing for his life with trouble on every hand had to “encourage himself in the Lord”. You remember David.

*2nd, We see that Solomon was all set up and had it going on because not only did he have a good dad, but he got good advice from his pops, not everyday dad gives good advice, as a matter of fact some of our dads have given us some ridiculously bad advice. (Can I get a witness?)

(David) I Kings 2:1-9 David charged Solomon to be strong and to be a good man. Keep the charge of the Lord, walk in his ways, walk in his statues and commandments. He told him to deal with his enemies: show kindness to his friends. He said in essence stay with the Lord and you will never go astray and you will never be broke.

So we see Solomon started out on the right road with good advice from a good father and the assurance that the Lord will never leave him. Not only good advice from a good father and the assurance that the Lord will never leave him.

But we see that Solomon made a good request. Chapter 3 says that after Solomon is made king, then he hooks up with Pharaoh’s daughter, (they get married) then he is visited by the Lord in a dream, and the Lord asks what shall I give thee and Solomon asks for Wisdom! (Smart move)

So we learn that Solomon was a wise fellow, instead of asking for diamonds and pearls he ask for Wisdom and God grants his request. Because he asked for wisdom we read that Solomon went on to be one of the wisest men in the land; people came from all around just for Solomon to solve their problems.

So he had a good dad, he got good advice, and ask for good request.

My Brothers and Sisters next we see Solomon performed a good task. (Chapter 6-8) With the help of prayer and wisdom he started a building fund and completed a good project. He built a temple that was 90 ft long, 30 ft wide and 45 ft high, one of the biggest and baddest temples that had ever been built at that time. 23 tons of pure gold was used in the upper room alone. He completed a heck of a project for the Lord and the Lord was pleased with it, so much that the Holy Spirit filled the house and the priest couldn’t stand to minister.

We see that Solomon completed a good task, had good advice, from a good dad, and made good request.

Not only that but Solomon had a good prayer life as well.

When the temple was complete the Ark was brought in he prayed a prayer of dedication. (8:22-53) He prayed a good strong prayer, prayed for everybody and everything and for every situation; he prayed for 31 verses. Solomon had a good prayer life. Anytime somebody can pray for 31 verses, they got to be tight with the Lord, these were not little short verses either.

So we see that Solomon had a good dad, got good advice, achieved good accomplishments, made a good request and had a good prayer life.

But lastly we see that Solomon was a good writer, he wrote the Book of Proverbs which has 31 chapters full of wise sayings. He wrote the Book of Ecclesiastes which teaches us about the most important thing in life, which is God; and he wrote the Song of Solomon which teaches us about love.

So I think you will agree that Solomon has a good start. He had a good farther, gave good advice, ask for a good request, completed a good project, offered up a good prayer life, and wrote some good books.

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