Summary: You need to stay in the mess you are in just a little while longer until God makes you ruler over that mess.


John 20:19

Luke 24:46 – 49

Acts2: 2

I know someone might say STAY, that’s a command you give a dog. Understand it’s not so much the command that is important, but the obedience to that command, which bears the responsibility of the command. In other words, it’s not what you say, but what you do that is important. So with that said I like to use for a subject STAY.

There are times in our lives that the saying “A good run is better than a bad stand” is a true statement. What it is saying is that there are situations that arise where it is better to run away from and live than it is to stay there and die. For example if someone tries to car-jack or rob you and the gun is in your face, it is better for you to throw the money or keys this way and you run that way. It is better to run and live than try to stay there and die. The graveyards are full of people that have tried to stay in a situation and handle it in their own strength only to wind up dead. The money and the car can be replaced, but you only get one chance at life. So it’s better to run and live than to stay there and die. Sure I know for some of us men your ego may get a little hurt and damaged, but believe me it will get over it.

Then there are situations that arise were we want to sometimes run away from something, but it is better if we stay there. For example we live in a society where divorce is a simple and common occurrence. It is such an easy thing anymore that people enter into marriage with the mind-set that I will give this a year and if it doesn’t work out or if I find something else all I have to do is get a divorce. However, for those of us that have been married for any length of time understand that it is better to stay than to run away. We have come to realize that if you stay and make it through that current situation that your relationship is now stronger than before all that happened. Then when the next crisis comes, and it will, you and your spouse together will be able to say Oh we made it through that I know we can make it through this, all we have to do is just stay together.

Understand I’m not saying if he is beating you to just stay there, that’s another Bible class or Seminar topic, but if you are debating over the color of the carpet rather it should be tan or beige it is better to stay. I know it will be hard sometimes, but I encourage you to stay because when you stay and God begins to pour out His blessings it is a wonderful thing.

The problem with society is that people are today in such a hurry to get away that they oftentimes run away from their blessings because they are not willing to stay to see what the end is going to be. Most people don’t go to the movies and half way through such get up and leave, but they stay there to the end. Why, because they want to see what the end is going to be. There is a commercial on TV and the concept of the commercial goes like this. A guy and his friends are at a baseball game, their team is loosing, so the one guy says I can’t stay any longer I’m leaving. He gets up and leaves the ball game; he finally makes it home and turns on the television to find his friends on TV. The news announcer says to his friends, congratulations you got the winning homerun ball and also won a million dollars, the news announcer says tell us how did it happen. The guy says they called for seat number # and that was the seat my buddy had but he left the game so they took the next one, which was my seat. The news announcer said I bet your friend wished he would have stayed now. So sometimes it is better to stay a little while longer than to run away and miss out on your blessings. STAY!

The word stay when used as a noun is a large strong rope usually made of wire which is used to support a mast of a ship, the action of halting, the state of being stopped, the suspension of a procedure. As a verb, which is an action word, it is to stop going forward, to stop doing something, to continue in a place, to stand firm. The etymology of the word comes from a French word called “ester” and a Latin word called “stare”. The definition of these two words means to stand. The Bible says in Eph.6: 13 & 14 “…having done all to stand. Stand…”

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