Summary: Message On Staying Faithful To The Lord

The Lord has spoken to my heart to write a message on faith and trusting

the Lord no matter what our circumstances look like. I have been meditating

on God’s word lately and for some reason I have been thinking about the

faithfulness of God’s servants. I began to think about the disciples that

were with Jesus everyday and how they saw the miracles that Jesus did, and

yet even though they saw such great things the disciples at times wavered

in their faith. I hope this message on faith and trusting the Lord will

be a blessing to you and strengthen you in your walk with Him.

When Jesus was raised from the grave and word was brought to the disciples

that Jesus was alive, the apostle Thomas said that he would not believe

that Jesus was raised from the dead unless he put his finger into the

holes of Jesus’ hands and put his hand in the side of Jesus where He was

pierced. Suddenly Jesus appeared in the house before each of the disciples

again and this time Thomas was with them and Jesus told Thomas, "Put your

fingers in my hands and put your hand on my side so that you may believe."

The words that Jesus said next should be a comfort and encouragement to

every believer. Jesus said to him, "Thomas, because you have seen Me, you

have believed. Blessed are those who have not seen Me and yet have

believed." (John 20:19-31)

We know there is a devil loose in this world and he is always trying to

make us question our faith and encouraging us to quit our work unto the

lord. I know that we can be successful against the enemy just as God’s

servants were throughout the Bible. I began to think about the saints of

old who were faithful to the Lord even though there were many people

trying to discourage them and mocking their efforts.

Concerning faithfulness I think about Noah. God told Noah to build an ark

giving him detailed specifications on how to it should look and it took

Noah more than 100 years to build that ark on completely dry land with no

signs of rain coming. It takes faith and trust to continue with such a

large task and not lose heart. Noah was faithful to the Lord even though

there were no signs of rain coming. In more than 100 years there were no

thunderstorms, no hurricanes and no other signs that God would be faithful

to His word, but Noah stayed faithful in completing the task that God told

him to complete. There were many people mocking Noah and telling him to

quit because there was no way that rain would come down. Noah continued

to stay faithful ignoring the mockers and because he did, Noah and his

family were the only humans saved from that watery destruction.

(Genesis 6:6-22) (Genesis 7 and 8)

I also think about King David’s faithfulness to the Lord when he was still

a young shepherd boy taking care of his father’s sheep. When Goliath came

into King David’s town, everyone was worried over who would fight Goliath

because he was such a great and seasoned warrior. David with faithful

fervor said I will defeat this enemy with the strength of the Lord and feed

his flesh to the birds of the air. David was a young seventeen year old

shepherd boy with no experience in combat, but he knew with God’s help

nothing would be impossible. David came against the great warrior Goliath

and killed him by throwing one stone at Goliath’s forehead. David knew

that it was not his battle, but God’s battle and the Lord was faithful in

defending His own. (1 Samuel 17:1-58)

I encourage you today to stay faithful to the Lord no matter who is trying

to discourage you or mocking your efforts for the Lord. God will be

faithful to those who are faithful to Him. God faithfully brought down

rain when Noah completed the ark and only Noah’s family were saved from

the destruction the rains brought. God faithfully directed the stone that

David threw with his slingshot and killed that great philistine warrior

named Goliath. Faithfulness brings forth great results, even if it does

not look like it in this natural realm.

Just as the saints of old were faithful to the Lord even though they did

not see the signs of victory right away, I encourage you to have that same

faithfulness and do not waver in the work that God has called you to.

Even though signs do not look favorable; you stay steadfast in your job

unto the Lord. God has never failed a faithful heart and as long as we

stay focused on Him, God will never fail us.

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