Summary: This sermon is a sermon for children, teenagers, or young adults which speaks of honoring your parents or the adults that have authority over you. God honors obedience in us.


Remembering back to when I was taking Driver Education at the Baltimore City College, I can’t help but remember what the instructor would always tell us. When you are driving you should always stay in your lane.

Whenever you are ready to change lanes, always put on your signal light to let the other drivers know that you want to make a left or a right turn. Look out of your mirrors to make sure it’s clear, and then change lanes. Little did I realize at 17 years old that staying in your lane was a rule for life.

If people would just stay in their lanes everything would be alright. Students in elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and even college would just stay in their lanes, schools would be so much better.

Well preacher I hear this all the time but what can we do as parents, teachers, and administrators about this problem? What can we say to these children and young adults? I’m glad that you asked because that brings me to my first point.


Point Number 1: Respecting Your Elders

Looking at the scriptures it begins with Elisha who is the successor to Elijah. He was on his way to a town called Bethel. In this town was a school for prophets.

However the people of this town were not too pleased in having this school for prophets. They wished that the school for the prophets would move to some other town or even not to be in existence.

As Elisha was coming near the town a group of boys around 42; some commentaries even went to call them a group of hoodlums, approached Elisha. And as they approached him they began to tease him and calling him names. They said to him Go on up you baldhead, go on up you baldhead.

Little did they realize just who this man truly was. Little did they realize the relationship that Elisha had with God. Elisha was God’s man.

You better be careful messing around with God’s men and women whom He has set aside for His purpose, because the bible says in 1 Chronicles 16:22, Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.

They teased Elisha by calling him an old bald head and asking him the question of why did he not go up in the chariot of fire into heaven like his successor did who was Elijah.

Elisha, the prophet of God turned and faced the young boys. He immediately called down a curse form the Lord on these boys. Two she-bears, which are female bears that have cubs which are baby bears,came from out of no where from the woods and killed all 42 boys.

Now I was taught as a child that whenever you are approached by an adult whether you knew them or not, you said good morning, good afternoon, or good evening.

Now in today’s world it’s sometimes best if they don’t have anything to say because the names that they may call you may not be what you want to hear.

Now children I know you don’t want to hear this but I have to keep this thing real. I ‘m going to keep this thing simple and to the point. I’m going to be just like those BCR’s that you have to write on the MSA test each year. in school.

The Bible says in Exodus 20:12, Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you. Disobedience will shorten your days to live.

Now let me break this thing down for you so that you will have a very clear understanding of what GOD says and not what Rev McNeill says but what GOD says.

Honor in Hebrew is kabed which means that you as children are to respect, esteem which means to value somebody or something highly, or to highly regard your parents.

Now honor in the Greek language is timao which clearly paints the picture that I want.

It means that you value your parents as something that is very precious. You are to show them respect, kindness, and obedience.

Tragically, this is a rarity today. Too often a child’s response to his parent is that of talking back, speaking disrespectfully, cursing the parent, not listening, ignoring the parent, grumbling, acting like a know it all, disregarding instructions, and calling the parent a cute but disrespectful name. I know you don’t want to hear this but I know I’m right.

You as children are to respect your parents, obey your parents, listen to your parent’s advice, and to submit to the instructions and corrections of your parents.

Now Reverend, I’m hearing you talk about honoring and obeying my parents, but is that what the Bible really says? I’m glad your little minds are asking that question.

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