Summary: In this sermon, we learn how to stay true to our faith during hardship.

Text: James 1:9-27

ETS: James gives us qualities to hold to when we are going through trials.

ESS: This passage teaches us what we need in order to remain true to Christ in trials.

OSS: The youth of MVBC will have these qualities.

PQ: What qualities do I need in trials?

UW: Qualities

Title: Qualities for Staying True

I. An eternal prospective (vv9-11)

A. It enables us to see the temporal nature of our trial (vv9-11)

B. It reminds us that we have a higher purpose (Matthew 6:19-21 & I John 3:3)

C. It gives us something to look forward to (Hebrews 11:36-40)

II. An enduring character (vv12-21)

A. Gives the ability to stand firm in temptation (vv12-15)

1. because he realizes that his temptation is not of God (v13)

2. because he realizes that his fleshly desires are not holy (v!4)

3. because he realizes what temptation leads to (v15)

B. Gives the ability to identify God’s gifts (vv16-18)

1. He knows the quality of a heavenly gift (v17)

a. It’s good

b. It’s perfect

c. It comes from God

d. It has no strings attached to it

2. He knows that he was made for God (v18)

C. Gives the ability to avoid doing evil (vv19-21)

1. It gives self-control (vv19-20)

a. swift to hear

b. slow to speak

c. slow to wrath

2. It realizes that man’s wrath and God’s righteousness are opposites (v20)

D. It replaces the bad with the good (v21)

1. Lay aside that which is evil (v21a)

2. Fill your life with what is good (v21b)

III. An indwelling religion (vv22-27)

A. It causes us to be doers of the word (vv22-25)

1. by causing us to realize our own short comings (vv22-24)

2. by causing us to realize that good only comes from doing God’s will (v25a)

3. by causing us to receive God’s blessings

B. It causes us to control our tongues (v26)

C. It causes us to aid those who are in need (v27a)

D. It causes us to stay pure (v27b)

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