Summary: 3 of 5. YaHWeH(the LORD) sought for a man who would be willing to stand for Him in the midst of apostasy. Who will stand for the Lord or stem the tide of sin? A person who stems the tide of sin, Addresses spiritual...

STEMMING THE TIDE-III—Ezekiel 22:23-31


Intervention/Confrontation/Stand against

Standing in the Gap


‘Flex-Seal’(TV advertisement). A liquid rubber compound which can be sprayed or painted on surfaces. It cures, forming a flexible water-repellant bond.


To be individual & thereby corporate world changers.

YaHWeH sought for a man who would be willing to stand for Him in the midst of overwhelming sin.

YaHWeH is looking for a person to stem the tide of sin.

YaHWeH is looking for a person to stem/thwart/impede/obstruct the rampant onslaught of sin.

Who will stem the tide of sin?

Who will stand for the Lord against sin?

People who stem the tide of sin.

Last Week we found that...

A person who stems the tide of sin, Addresses spiritual...


2. TREASON(:25)


4—A person who stems the tide of sin, Addresses spiritual...



:27—“Her princes in her midst are like wolves tearing the prey, to shed blood, to destroy people, & to get dishonest gain.”

Instead of the “princes” acting as heads who serve to meet the spiritual needs(& thereby the physical secondary needs) of the people, these would do the opposite. They were in it for themselves & would gang up on the populace as do a pack of “wolves.” Each would take their own piece from the populace, eventually resulting in the death of the nation.

Again there is no concern for God’s reality & truth. There is no recognition of or retraction from personal sin or selfishly driven action.

“Destruction” of the “people” on the part of the “princes” seems to be their goal, whether it is ultimately intentional or not. Their laws of the land play to selfish ends. Regardless, these “princes” are “shedding blood” of innocent citizenry in order to profit thru the possessions of others.

Both capitalism & socialism are destroyed in this description, since both can(when given to the power of the flesh) greedily &/or forcibly take from others what is not theirs.

“Princes”—rs sar—Noun Masc.—1) Prince, ruler, leader, chief, chieftain, official, captain—1a) Chieftain, leader, 1b) Vassal, noble, official(under king), 1c) Captain, general, commander(military), 1d) Chief, head, overseer(of other official classes), 1e) Heads, princes(of religious office), 1f) Elders(of representative leaders of people), 1g) Merchant-princes(of rank & dignity), 1h) Patron-angel, 1i) Ruler of rulers(of God), 1j) Warden. Strong—from rrs saw-rar’[To have dominion]; A head person(of any rank or class).

“Midst”2X(See :25; :26—“Among them”)—Kwt taw'-vek—Noun Masc.—1) Midst, middle—1a) Midst, middle, 1b) Into, through(after verbs of motion), 1c) Among(of a number of persons), 1d) Between(of things arranged by twos), 1e) From among(as to take or separate etc). Strong—from an unused root meaning to sever; A bisection, i.e. by implication--The center.

“Wolves”—baz zeh-eb’—Noun Masc.—1) Wolf. Strong—from an unused root meaning to be yellow; A wolf. Used 7X.

“Tearing/Revening”(See :25)—Prj taw-raf’—Qal Participle Active—1) To tear, rend, pluck—1a) (Qal) To tear, rend. Strong—a primitive root; To pluck off or pull to pieces; causatively--To supply with food(as in morsels). Used 25X.

“Prey”(See :25)—Prj teh’-ref—Noun Masc.—1) prey, food, leaf—1a) Prey, 1b) Food, 1c) Leaf. Strong—Something torn, i.e. A fragment, e.g. A fresh leaf, prey, food. Used 23X.

“Shed”(See :31—“Poured out”)—Kpv shaw-fak'—Qal Infinitive—1) To pour, pour out, spill—1a) (Qal)—1a1) To pour, pour out, 1a2) To shed(blood), 1a3) To pour out(anger or heart)(figuratively);. Strong—a primitive root; To spill forth(blood, a libation, liquid metal; or even a solid, i.e. to mound up); also figuratively--To expend(life, soul, complaint, money, etc.); intensively--To sprawl out.

“Blood”—Md dawm—Noun Masc.—Noun Masc.—1) Blood—1a) Of wine(figuratively). Strong—Blood (as that which when shed causes death) of man or an animal; by analogy--The juice of the grape; figuratively(especially in the plural)--Bloodshed(i.e. drops of blood).

“Destroy”—dba aw-bad’—Piel(Intensive/intentional/repeated/extended) Infinitive—1) Perish, vanish, go astray, be destroyed; 1a) (Qal)--1a1) Perish, die, be exterminated, 1a2) Perish, vanish (figuratively), 1a3) Be lost, strayed; 1b) (Piel)--1b1) To destroy, kill, cause to perish, to give up(as lost), exterminate, 1b2) To blot out, do away with, cause to vanish, (figuratively), 1b3) Cause to stray, lose. Strong—a primitive root; properly--To wander away, i.e. Lose oneself; by implication--To perish(causative--Destroy).

“People/Souls”(See :25; :29—Me)—vpn neh’-fesh—Noun Fem.—1) Soul, self, life, creature, person, appetite, mind, living being, desire, emotion, passion—1a) That which breathes, the breathing substance or being, soul, the inner being of man, 1b) Living being, 1c) Living being (with life in the blood), 1d) The man himself, self, person or individual, 1e) Seat of the appetites, 1f) Seat of emotions & passions, 1g)Activity of mind—1g1) dubious, 1h) Activity of the will—1h1) dubious, 1i) Activity of the character—1i1) dubious. Strong—properly--A breathing creature, i.e. Animal of (abstractly)vitality; used very widely in a literal, accommodated or figurative sense(bodily or mental).

vpn corresponds to Greek—quch. A)quch—Breath, i.e. by implication--Spirit, abstractly or concretely--The animal sentient principle only, distinguished from, B) pneuma—The rational & immortal soul, & C)zwh,—Mere vitality, even of plants. These terms thus exactly correspond respectively to the Hebrew...A)vpn, B)xwr & C)yx.

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