Summary: 5 of 5 YaHWeH(the LORD) sought for a man who would be willing to stand for Him in the midst of apostasy. Who will stand for the Lord or stem the tide of sin? A person who stems the tide of sin, Addresses spiritual...

STEMMING THE TIDE-V—Ezekiel 22:23-31

Intervention/Confrontation/Stand against/Hold back/Protect


Tropical Storm preparedness—Storm shutters, Sand Bags, Secure &/or move loose furniture-boats-cars, etc., First-aid supplies, Assume an absence of electricity, Generators, Water, Flashlights, Batteries, Camp stove, Fuel, Coolers, Ice, etc.

Such preparedness stands against that which would otherwise destroy.


To be individual & thereby corporate maintainers of truth in an overwhelming world.

YaHWeH sought for a man who would be willing to stand for Him in the midst of overwhelming sin.

YaHWeH is looking for a person to stem the tide of sin.

YaHWeH is looking for a person to stem/thwart/impede/obstruct the rampant onslaught of sin.

Who will stem the tide of sin?

Who will stand for the Lord against sin?

People who stem the tide of sin.

We have found previously that...

A person who stems the tide of sin, Addresses spiritual...


2. TREASON(:25)


4. GAIN(:27)

5. TRUTH(:28)

6. PRACTICALITY(:29)“oppression, robbery, mistreat the helpless”

7—A person who stems the tide of sin, Addresses spiritual...



:30—“So I sought for a man among them who would make a wall, & stand in the gap before Me on behalf of the land, that I should not destroy it; but I found no one.”

The land of Israel(God’s chosen people) has become corrupted & languishes...from the people in general, to the princes, to the priests, to the prophets.

But that is not the end in God’s eyes, because YaHWeH looks for those who are faithful to Him. He looks for just one solitary “man” who will faithfully offer himself(“stand”) to God, allowing the accomplishment of God’s will.

“The gap” pictures a breach in an otherwise protective & securing city “wall.”

“The image of YaHWeH searching for someone to man the breach is military.”—NICOT

YaHWeH looked for just one individual who would ‘wall up a wall’(“make a wall”)...or a person to actually become “a wall”, either would be employed to thwart the enemy’s overwhelming the city.

Such “a wall” is one of separation. Such “a wall” would have been intended for holding off that which was profane & abominable & thus hindering the inroads of corrupting influences in the land. Such a man’s stance against sin would be all that is necessary to secure God’s witness & testimony against sin.

Jn. 9:39-41—“And Jesus said, “For judgment I have come into this world, that those who do not see may see, & that those who see may be made blind.” Then some of the Pharisees who were with Him heard these words, & said to Him, “Are we blind also?” Jesus said to them, “If you were blind, you would have no sin; but now you say, ‘We see.’ Therefore your sin remains.”

Jn. 15:20-25—“Remember the word that I said to you, ‘A servant is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted Me, they will also persecute you. If they kept My word, they will keep yours also. But all these things they will do to you for My name’s sake, because they do not know Him who sent Me. If I had not come & spoken to them, they would have no sin, but now they have no excuse for their sin. He who hates Me hates My Father also. If I had not done among them the works which no one else did, they would have no sin; but now they have seen & also hated both Me & My Father. But this happened that the word might be fulfilled which is written in their law, ‘They hated Me without a cause.’”[Ps. 35:19] If such a “man” should be found, he would “stand” “before” God “on behalf of the land.” If such a “man” should be found, his single commitment would prevent YaHWeH from having to “destroy” His own handiwork.

Chuck Swindoll quote—“I've never seen a bust of a committee or counsel or a board. They are always of one individual who made a difference, had a 'vision', saw the future, envisioned the means of attaining. These individuals employed committees, etc. Yes, one person can make a difference!”

To a degree, this corresponds to or is reminiscent of soldiers who fight & have fought for their country’s freedoms & way of life. These would gladly take a bullet for their fellow comrades.

The sad fact of the matter is that YaHWeH, the King of the Universe & Knower of all things, could find “no one” of godly fortitude! Through man’s freewill, he readily chooses to go his own way apart from the very God in whose image he is made! No man of Israel would firmly “stand” for the Lord of Creation.

“Sought”—vqb baw-kash’—Piel(intensive/intentional/repeated/extended) Imperfect—1) To seek, require, desire, exact, request—1a) (Piel)—1a1) To seek to find, 1a2) To seek to secure, 1a3) To seek the face, 1a4) To desire, demand, 1a5) To require, exact, 1a6) To ask, request, 1b) (Pual) To be sought. Strong—a primitive root; To search out(by any method, specifically in worship or prayer); by implication--To strive after.

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