Summary: Chapter 9 & 10 Revelation

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Revelation Chapter 9 & 10

9: 1 there will be the unnamed star or person.

A star is said to fall from heaven

What is this star?

Look at the pronoun him is used to refer to this star. It is a person.

The word star is used in its symbolic way to refer to a person of fame or of high position.

Who is this person? Look at these facts.

ð He is said to be a star "fallen" (peptokota) from heaven to earth. This is past tense; it means that he was already fallen when God gave him the key to the bottomless pit.

ð Christ said that He saw Satan fall from heaven. Luke l0: 18

ð Scripture gives a glimpse into the fall of Satan. He was apparently the highest archangel created by God. But he did what every person has done, began to look at himself and choose to go his own way, Therefore, God had to do what he has to do with everyone of us when we reject and rebel against Him: God had to cast Satan out of heaven, out of His holy presence. Is.14: 12-15

ð He is given the keys to the bottomless pit that is, the abyss, the place where Scripture says the demons and devils are kept.

The point is this: in comparing Scripture with Scripture, this fallen star or angel seems to be Satan himself.

9:2 Bottomless Pit:

There will be the bottomless pit. The fallen angel of Satan will open it.

What is the bottomless pit?

It is the place where evil spirits and demons are kept he would not command them to go out into the deep"

9:3-6 Evil Spirits-Judgment: there will be the locust-like demons from the deep hole

They will be sent to inflict unbearable punishment upon the ungodly.

Why are these demons called locusts?

Because locusts are a symbol of God’s anger against the ungodly and evil of the world

Look at 5 facts about the judgment of these locust like demons.

ð The locust-like demons will be given scorpion-like power (v.3).

The scorpion strikes its victim with its tail; its sting is in its tail.

It has a poisonous fluid that it injects into the wound of its victim.

The sting is not fatal, but it causes terrible suffering.

What is being said is this: in the great tribulation demons with scorpion-like power will be set loose from the bottomless pit.

ð The locust-like demons will be restrained from damaging nature (v4).

This shows that they will not be real earthly locusts, for locusts feed upon vegetation.

The locust-like demons are to afflict only people who do not have the seal of God (v4).

God will seal His people during the great tribulation. His people will be protected from suffering the judgments cast upon the ungodly and evil of this world

ð The locust-like demons will not kill people; only torment them (v.5).

This is critical to note. This fact alone seems to point to the demonic force being some locust-like animal that actually sweeps the earth, an animal that stings people with some poison venom that torments but does not kill its victims.

ð The result of the torment upon people will be so agonizing and the pain so excruciating that people will beg for death (v.6). But they will not die

9:7-10 Evil Spirits

There will be. The appearance and power of the locust-like demons. Eight descriptions are given. The point being made is the terrifying appearance and power of the demonic forces of the end time

Man must beware and prepare. He must prepare by receiving Jesus Christ as his Savior so that he may escape the demon hoard that is to come in the last days.

1. The demonic locusts are like horses prepared for battle: posed and ready to attack. This could also mean that they will be larger than the average size locusts

2. The demonic locusts will have heads that look like they are crowned with gold: this symbolizes that they will have authority to afflict men. They will be as conquerors and be successful in their attacks.

3 The demonic locusts will appear to have the faces of men: this symbolizes the determination and intelligence of men. They will be set like flint in their attacks and have the intelligence to attack and inflict damage with their scorpion like poison

4. The demonic locusts will have hair like hair of women: beauty to seduce and ensnare, to help them to seem incent and harmless at first.

5. The demonic locusts will have teeth as a lion: ferocious, fierce, devouring, and cruel

6. The demonic locusts will have breastplates as of iron: indestructible, protected, and defended.

7. The demonic locusts will have wings that sound like many chariots rushing into battle: frightening and over whelming.

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